An extra day to ride for Memorial Day

Anybody take advantage of the extra day this past weekend and get some riding in? I rode every day. :slight_smile: One day I went downtown and hit a couple of bars. The next day did a muni ride on some forest roads and finally just some cruisin’ around the neighborhood. The neighborhood ride resulted in my and my uni not getting along very well. I was cruising along actually pretty slowly and all of a sudden I was on the ground, face first, skidding along the pavement. Happened so fast I still can’t figure out what went wrong:( . I hate it when that happens. Someone posted last week about extra bursts of gravity that seem to happen around unicycles. I’m pretty sure that’s what happened. Anyhoo, post about your Memorial Day weekend rides.

Note: except for those who did that Iron Horse race in Durango. That one’s got it’s own thread started and it’s a good one too.