An early end to a long season

I’ve been unicycling to work for the past few years regardless of rain, snow, or anything else. However, this winter I was planning on taking a break from unicycling. Ever since RTL, my knees have been pretty sore, particularly when climbing hills, so I think some time off the wheel might do my body some good in the long run. I wasn’t planning on packing my coker away until there was snow on the ground, but it looks like I’ll have to start walking to work, starting immediately.

Riding home today, I could feel some sort of softness in the saddle handle, like pulling up on the handle was a little too much, y’know? I checked it out when I got home, and saw that the steel plate in the front of the bracket on my purple RTL edition T7 (which is only 5 months old) just split across the middle. I looked at it a little more, and the rails are bent down a little in front. The handles themselves have probably dropped an inch or so.

I know I’m not the first person to crack that front plate, and then wonder, “how the hell did that happen?” It’s just a bummer that I’ll be off the unicycle so soon, and that I’ll have to find a good welder or replace the thing.

Max, I should think with your resources from your New England trip, you’d be able to find a good welder. Also, it is quite possible to ride a 36er without a T7. I know once you get used to it, you don’t want to let it go, but if you’re really broken up ending your unicycling season early, just take the damn thing off. Taking a break is probably a good idea though. It’s sounds like you’re quickly becoming an ace at the BC wheel anyway. Good on ya.