An arm and a leg!

I just ordered a new tube for my 36er from UDC and after shipping it wound up costing me 46.55$… for 1 tube… there’s has to be a cheaper option when it comes to tubes on a 36er… any suggestions? Besides patching the tubes of course…

a 29" tube at the LBS :wink:

… and a set of patches to fix you 36" tube ! :stuck_out_tongue:


29er tubes are the best for 36er. They are slightly hard to put into the rim but they are much lighter! Any 29er tube should do the trick.

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Well now I know! Thanks fellas!!!

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Just a tip so you can fit the 29er tube: inflate it before putting it into the rim. That’ll expand the tube and you’ll be able to fit it.


Right on, I appreciate it!!!