An apology to Adam


Since I suggested to somebody else that they apologize to somebody for a past posted offense…

Somebody suggested that I do the same for a similar offensive post of my own.

You can see my rudeness here… (scroll down to the 6th post)


I sincerely apologize for what I posted. It was uncalled-for and insulting.
Not by way of excuse, but rather by way of explanation (because I’m not always so aggressive and demeaning), I had a bit too much “medicine” that night,… if you know what I mean…

I certainly don’t suggest that makes it all right…

I only mean that it was my uninhibited ultra-rude “self” typing… that is, my “ID”, which, though often uncontrollable under inebriated circumstances, should be subject to my control at all times… especially on a public forum… toward relative strangers and friends alike!

I sincerely hope that your injuries, both physical and emotional, have completely healed!

Please accept my true and heartfelt apology for that hurtful and callous post that I made!

Mea culpa! Mea culpa!


Gluteous Maximus

Those who are about to ride, salute you!