An annoying but productive day.

Well, UPS makes me mad. What can Brown do for me? He can make sure that my 2006 Torker DX doesn’t only arrive after the sceduled date, but also that my tracking info isn’t that up to date. It definatly wont come today, because they only ship till 8:00, and it is 8:05. According to the tracking system, my package has been in Windsor for the past few days. But that isn’t true. I called UPS and first they said it would be here before 8:00. I called back and they claimed that it may arrive today but there is a chance that it would come tommorow. The third call told me that it had not been scanned in Toronto (hence the poor tracking info) and would arrive in Ottawa late tonite and would be shipped tomorow. Grr. This means that if nobody is home tomorow when they come, I wont be getting (or riding) it till tuesday. Which makes me mad. UPS also angers me because they claimed that it was “garennteed” to arive today, but it didn’t. Sucks, eh? I wont even have a chance to ride tomorow even if I get it, which sucks even more!


So, it was also a productive day because I managed to get some hops down, mainly small hops and standstills. I also got some idling working for me (unlike Brown…) but it still needs work. I don’t want to take my norco outside, because it has no grip (bald tire), and I can’t do much. So I have been inside, riding in a very small stretch (which also sucks). The good thing is that I can actully hop several times in a row and do hopping turns. I can almost pull a 180!

So, it looks like I’m going to have to wait a while for my DX. Wow, that sucks.

And I am already hitting the limits of my norco. The pedals are screwed, the tire is bald and seems to have a small leak. The saddle also goes from side to side even though the clamp is tight.

I want my DX, and I want it now! :wink: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:

awww poor baby…but just think, when you do get it you’ll enjoy it so much more because you had to wait for it.

but I could be enjoying it now :angry:

oh well…hey are you going to the uni meet in june in quebec this year?

Eh? When and where? Fees to get in?

I hope I can go :slight_smile:

acctually im still trying to find out if its even gonn a happen but its suppose to be free… thats about all i kno.

Was that serious? That made me laugh so loud my mom asked what I was watching on TV… :wink:

As for your anxiousness, I understand because I am really anxious to get ANYTHING that I want. The truth is, though, are those few hours really going to matter? Just imagine if there was a snow storm and it was delayed…faints, revovers, continues to sip delicious grapefruit juice and munch TV dinner macaroni n cheese Everyone makes mistakes, including you, so don’t get mad at them. The worst thing you can do is call up Mr. Brown three times in a day and bug him about your package. “Mr. Brown” has got lots of angry customers, but probably more happy ones. I’ve personally never had a late package from Sir Brown. Maybe Brownie didn’t like it that one time when you sent the poop to your cousin when you were 8 years old, so he has a grudge against you - I hear it stank up the delivery truck real bad when it sat in the 110 degree parking lot in Arizona. :wink:

I called “Mr. Brown” three times because the information on his website was not accurate and I wanted to know if I would get it today.

here’s the thread about the quebec meet:

yeah i kno about that thread but its been burried and kno one has spoke of it for a week or two.