An Amazing night out: Maple vs. Pavement

Hi Everyone,

With the weather turning, I decided to take my uni to the gym tonight instead of the playground.

It was incredible! My spins, which on the playground were a tad choppy to start and hard to keep going, suddenly turned in to smoothly started spins resolving into pirouettes! I couldn’t believe it I think the best pirouette I came out of was about 1-1/2 rotations. I could spin until I was too dizzy and had to stop in both directions! I could turn backwards, turn on one foot (forwards), do forward unispins, all this stuff that I really struggled with before.

Thie biggest trouble was stopping the spins and turns. I think I was forcing them like I had to on the pavement and so my 90s became 270s pretty easy and I couldn’t stop to change directions in a figure eight, the inertia kept me turning one direction.

What a blast! I’ll hate to go outside with my freestyle again!!

Threadjack - how did you know the gym would let you ride inside? I’m almost embarrassed to call a local gym and ask. Figure they’ll say no you’ll scrape up our floor, or just laugh at my unicycleness.

I just got a new Primo The Wall tire on my uni, where my old one was a 2.1, this was a 1.8 or whatever, AND I got to ride on a poured concrete floor (which is actually nicer than a gym because it’s so flat and smooth). I could do a half-rev into a two-spin pirouette no problem. It was crazy!

How you got to ride in a gym, I’ll never know. I have an awesome juggling club in my area that meets in the front lobby of a university building three times a week, so I get to practice my freestyle there when it’s wet and cold out in the wintertime. awesome stuff.

When I made tentative enquiries at the university gym they implied that I would have to hire the whole hall, just so that I could ride in it. I decided not to.


Forgiveness before permission!
That’s my my favorite life-motto!!!

I just showed up and started riding next to the people playing pick-up basketball.
I am also quiet and respectful and give them no reason to evict me! I’v been bact several times since this post and seemed to raise no eyebrows.

Give it a go. What’s the worst thing, they say shoo?

Re: An Amazing night out: Maple vs. Pavement

On Sun, 27 Nov 2005 14:37:56 -0600, cathwood wrote:

>When I made tentative enquiries at the university gym they implied that
>I would have to hire the whole hall, just so that I could ride in it. I
>decided not to.

Sounds like the next North Wales unimeet should be in that gym, so you
can share the burden between aaaaaall the participants.

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Could do but I go to University in England.

Actually the North Wales Unimeet met in the Gronant Institute for our first indoor meet on Sunday. It was great. We had a good turn out and the hall is inexpensive to hire.