An alternate competition to TOque 2007

Hello everyone,

It looks like to me that Toque will once again be cancelled :frowning: In the past i have enjoyed going to toque to meet other unicyclist. Last year at the Waterloo Juggling Festival, we put together a little trials comp/joy ride. The organizer of the UW juggling festival has informed me that I can organize a unicycle competition and other unicycle related events in the festivalā€™s time frame. You can think of this as an alternative to TOque, but the competition will be informal and consist of natural trials. The University of Waterloo campus has a lot of good places to do trials.

I know a lot of people were looking forward to meeting other unicyclists at toque. This is a good chance for people to come and meet other riders.

The Juggling Festival is taking place on March 10/11 2007 at the University of Waterloo: Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. This is a one hour drive from Toronto.

Housing arrangements might be possible depending on the number of people attending.

Please reply if you think you are going to attend. If we get enough people together we might be able to give out prizes and what not. Iā€™m open to any ideas. A street competition is something i have been thinking of doing if there are enough street riders attending.

If you have any questions or wish to help me organize this event, feel free to e-mail me at:

Keep on riding,
-Budd White

Iā€™ll be interestedā€¦ but where is waterloo compare to toronto? is it closer to quebec?

If your coming from Quebec, itā€™s one hours farther on the 401

london is only a 30min drive down the highway from Waterloo, we can host a few travellers if any is coming from a distance

I think 3-5 people from London can make it

If i can get there ill be thereā€¦But getting there is the problem.

Well i think there is a coach bus that runs up highway #8. I might be able to find you a ride, as my family is coming to the event from niagara falls.


If you could that would be awsome.

well i live in guelph so its no problemā€¦ im in for it for sure

i live on vancouver island, but it didnt stop me from coming last time to toque, so why notā€¦ROAD TRIPP!!!

probably 2-3 ppl for me.

how long is this going to be? atleast 3 days right? cause thats a ton of driving to do or flying for a day compā€¦



Dr.Gorilla: Its great to hear that you are so close and can make it. Drop me an e-mail.

cruisecontrol: The official comp/get together date will be the saturday and sunday. I will be in waterloo the friday night if you wanted to ride with me or go out and see the town. E-mail me and let me know what we can work out.

everyone: I now have riders confirmed from ottawa, london, niagara, guelph, hamilton, and possibly BC. I have talked to Ryan Atkins and he is pretty sure he can make it aswell.
I now need feed back from you guys. This event is turning out to be bigger then i expected. What other events do you want to happen besides the trials comp, high jump, and long jump?

-Budd White


WUW details

Hello everyone,

Next weekend (March 10/11) is going to be the WUW. I will be arriving in waterloo friday night or early saturday morning. Saturday we are going to be meeting at the SLC (Student Life Centre) on the Waterloo Campus. It you need directions to Waterloo use google maps or if you get stuck you can e-mail me.

Here is the ajenda:

8am - Sign-ups ans practice at SLC
12pm - Lunch
1pm - Trials Competition
5pm - Dinner
7pm - High Jump and Long Jump

SUNDAY (for who is going to be there)
all day - High Jump, Long Jump, Best Trick Comp, Trials ride through campus

These times may change. Let me know how all is going to be attending. If you have any questions e-mail me back. Hope to see you there.

-Budd White