An almost perfect Muni Day!

This morning I soars with a private cablecar out of the fog and was fast on 1750masl. The best downhill in our area, that means the most difficult and most beatyful. Unfortunately, an accident happened quite the end: upd which i had to run out and the toe pushed pretty hard at a rock. Then went home at lunch to abide, but realized in the shower: the toe no longer looks like him would have to: So i went to the hospital and the diagnosis of right big toe pretty wrecked: foremost bone pushed over the second (split), … Operate? Can’t donet there … Well the doctor said with a stiff toe i’ll live well …

More Great Pics

Bad luck with the toe :frowning:

Great pictures Turtle, bad luck with the toe!

Actually, turtle! do you have high resolution versions of these pictures I could have? they would make an awesome background slideshow :slight_smile:

sure, pm me your email

Awesome photos Turtle. Sorry about the toe, hope it heals quickly. I know the feeling of being out of riding. I snapped a tendon in my left shoulder 2 months ago and haven’t been able to head back into the mountains yet.


i cut a pic (just cutting no ps):

pretty awesome turtle. dont forget that you need to be hitting it hard w/ tj in the future, its all about longevity :wink:

that’s true! at the moment tj is in holiday with his grandma, but as soon he’s back and my toe is better…

and there’s tj 2 coming too, today he learned to ride a bike himself (he got just 3 years), and now he’ll also learn to ride a uni (he already tried a little bit)