an afternoon in Markham..

That was awesome, I always love your videos, welcome to the ever so epicly awesome amazing world of handrails :slight_smile:

Thanks, Jon. :slight_smile: I really do appreciate it. Oh my, handrails are just the best thing that happened. Eli and I were discussing earlier, they’re designed for unicycles … not for holding onto when going up stairs. :wink:

Thanks for the comment,


I have done one Handrail in my life, and it was down a 2 set xDD

That was awesome! Good quality also.

YAY! Finaly some trials from you again:) I really liked your video, the Music was cool, the riding was great too. I liked the handrail at the end, great way to finish a video like that:)

uninorcal -Thanks. Yeah I’m pretty pleased with the quality. Since it’s just like a little palmcorder type camcorder. It films at 1280x720 at either 30fps or 60fps. For $200 CAD tax included.

Jacob - Thanks, Jacob. It’s too bad I couldn’t have found some better lines … oh well, some other time.

Thanks again guys,