an afternoon in Markham..


So yesterday I spent sometime down in Markham, just a town some minutes away. There’s an awesome skatepark where I’ll film for my new vid that should be expected in about a months time. I’m aware the trials isn’t super special … but it’s all that was available at the time. But I had fun riding, and editing this vid. So yeah, expect a much better vid in about a month! :slight_smile:

Enjoy, and please comment.


That was cool. Kinda chill, but i liked the handrail, that was awesome!

Thanks, Zach. That was my first “official” handrail. It’s so much fun.


Sick video. I’m not really into the trials, but the hickdouble was really flowy, and the handrail was awesome;)


expect a hickdouble from me in the next day or to.

Awesome rail man! That was intense. When you did the grind did you feel like you where jumping up or was it more out into the rail. I’m trying to figure it out. If I was with you I’d totally give that rail a try. Way to be man.:stuck_out_tongue:

cool video Isaac!

short as usual :stuck_out_tongue:

your Hickdoubles look really smooth and that grind was crazy, i don’t think i could do it :roll_eyes: :wink:

lol, yes you can… :stuck_out_tongue:

very nice vid!!
nice hickdouble and handrail! :smiley:

Neat! I’m always loving your videos. :smiley:


Eli - Thanks! Oh, and thanks so much for all the advice and tips you give me, Eli. Your awesome. :slight_smile:

Colby - Yeah, you’ll probably land it now, since I’ve landed it. :wink: As for the rail, I feel like I’m jumping up, but a little forwards too. I think you should do whatever feels best. :slight_smile:

Raphael - Thanks for the comment, Raphael! :slight_smile: I’m sure you could do the rail, it’s not that hard, and a lot of fun. I’ll have a longer vid in about a month.

Tim - Yeah, I think Raphael could do it. Thanks for the comment though.

UniGuard - I really appreciate that comment, makes me feel really encouraged. Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

More comments are welcome. :slight_smile:


that was nice , even though the trials wasnt really big, ( other then the drop down the rocks ) , i liked it because you were really smooth

Your hickdouble was clean.

The handrail was awesome :wink:

Max - Thanks a lot. I wish I could find some bigger/better trial lines near me.

Pat - Thanks, Pat. Oh boy, street is fun. And thanks for the encouragement you give me. :wink:

EDIT: Keep the comments comin’ :slight_smile:


Nice clean hick double, and I really liked the rail. Very nice.

<3 the rail
<3 the hick

Kevin - Thanks for the comment. I appreciate it.

Mikael - Glad you enjoyed it, Mikael. :wink:


That six set looks perfect in everyway. Grind looked smooth, congrats on that.

Wish my picture quality was half that good.

Hickdub was surprising.

Trials was the exact same thing over and over tho.

Everything was great in this video !

I loved the happy music, you’re simple but efficient editing, the quality of the picture and the colors, you’re flowy trials riding and you’re always clean street riding. It was also fun to see new spots and of course, this 6 set handrail was awesome !

Good job !


Max - Thanks for the comment, I absolutely love handrails now.

Christian -
Haha, yeah the quality is pretty good for $200 CAD. The hickdouble was a lot of fun. They’re not that hard anymore. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know the trials isn’t very good, but whatever, I had fun doing it.

Hugo - Thanks, Hugo! :slight_smile: I really liked the music too. I thought it really went well with the video. And as for the rail, it was the most fun.