Amzaon Deal Legit 2009?

Hi im still kinda new to these forums and I found a great deal on Amazon! Well, to start off I was going to buy the Kris Holm 2009 24 inch unicycle off udc but right when I had enough money, 100 $ goes out the window for an xbox that was long unpaid. So now i have 550$ and was desperate to find a unicycle in my price and voila!
It seems pretty good. I just wanted to ask all the nice smart helpful people here if they think its an actual KH 2009 model. I really want the newest and best so is this my best option? It even HAD the same price as the one on UDC until they marked it down. So I ask you people, is this legitament? Thank you for taking the time to read and hopefully answer my questions!


Edit: Should this be in a different section? Sorry if it is im still trying to get the hang of this.:smiley:

Anything purchased through Amazon even when it’s from Amazon’s other sellers is protected by the A to Z guarantee. If there is some issue with the product that the seller isn’t willing to rectify Amazon will issue you a full refund.

Okay thanks for the quick reply. Now I still need to figure out if it’s a 2009 model to be completely sure that it is also a Kris Holm. Does the picture help anyone? Would it be able to tell the model year? Thanks!


From what I can tell, it’s not the 2009 model. The picture from UDC is different, and the Amazon picture appears to have the rail type seatpost. The 2009 models have the pivot style seatposts.

EDIT: But the picture is absolutely a Kris Holm. It is probably a 2008 model.

Okay thanks! Can anyone else confirm this because I really need this bad.


I assume you have not attempted to do the obvious, to contact the seller, Elite Cycling? There’s a link right on the page with the picture of the unicycle. Our opinions don’t add up to much compared to actually asking…

It’s possible they have 2009s and just don’t have the current photo either.

Product Description
Kris Holm 24" Mountain Unicycle the all-round mountain unicycle, the KH24 is lightweight and high strength for mountain unicycling or 24" street riding.

* Magura brake compatible, brake not included
* Rim: Kris Holm 24" x 47mm, 36 hole, double wall
* Spokes: Black stainless steel 13g
* Minimun pedal-saddle distance: 75 cm (30 inches)
* Color: dark blue with high-durability, glossy clearcoat, laser-etched logo
* Frame: 7005 T6 Aluminum frame
* Hub: Kris Holm Moment ISIS hub
* Cranks: Kris Holm 150mm Moment
* Pedals: Odyssey Trailmix, Black
* Saddle: Kris Holm Fusion Freeride saddle with dual-density foam and center cutaway. Kris Holm rail adaptor with brake and seatpost mount
* Seatpost: Kris Holm 300mm, 27.2mm diameter, aluminum, mountain bike style with rails clamps, adjustable angle
* Tire: 24 x 3.0 Durro
* Seatpost clamp: Double-bolted, aluminum

Item Specifications
Color Blue
Weight 13lbs
Wheel Size 24"

Clearly not a 2k9.

Sorry I do not know how to contact them and what may I ask is a 2k9?

he means 2009. its a internet term methinks

Well if it isn’t a 2009 model then what the hell is it? Does the year really make a difference or should I just shut my mouth and be happy that I can get a kris holm unicycle at all. So what year is it?


It might be an 07 if it has the rail adapter (I don’t think 08 models had a rail adapter). I don’t see the rail adapter in the photo though on that site though…

Doesn’t matter too much about the year if it is 07 and above. The gear will be slightly different. The main downside is that you won’t have the newer KH seatpost that doesn’t require the bulky rail adapter.

Around last October I bought a KH29 from Elite Cycling. I specifically asked if it was the 2008 model with the new type of seat post and dual-hole moment cranks, and they said that it was a 2008, but it had single-hole 150mm cranks. When I received the uni, it was clearly a 2007, since it had a rail adapter, but it did come with 125/150 moments. I wasn’t complaining, though, since it was a mistake that worked out in my favor. I had also waited more than a month before I finally got it, but that was my own fault. I couldn’t find a good way to get it shipped onto campus, so the uni got shipped back and forth across the country 3 times before it finally got to me. They eventually had to send it by overnight priority mail so that the distribution center would hold it for me. I’m glad they paid for the shipping.

 Elite Cycling probably has a few of the 2009 models in stock right now, but they are most likely trying to get rid of the 2008 stock first.

Sorry for reviving this thread but what may I ask does a rail post adapter look like? How does it look compared to the 2009 one? Thanks!


on the bottom of the seat.

So the 2009 version doesn’t have this? Ahhhh I’m so confused someone just make it all clear for me!!!

If you really want the best and newest, save up another 100$ and get the 09 from UDC.

The Amazon KH looks like a 2008. For the difference between the two models:

The 09 doesn’t have that rail adapter. The 09 has this seat post:

If you can’t tell the difference yourself, it probably doesn’t matter.

+1 and if you really care … call or email them!

but it probably does not matter at all if you don’t know the differences…

+1 and if you really care … call or email them!

but it probably does not matter at all if you don’t know the differences…