Amy and ryans Winning Routine for UNICON13 now on

Just thought you guys might want to kno that and watch the video…Im watching it now:D

Hey, I have their routine at NAUCC on film, I’ll upload it evuantually to compare the two…

Do you have a link for it? on the right click Unicon 13 and click unicon 13 again.

As for my footage of at NAUCC, I’m trying to upload it, but the gallery is acting up.

Yeah sorry…At you can link to specific videos…But Forrest got the right instructions.

Hey. Thanks! I didn’t want to use the SEARCH function.

Oh, I didn’t know that.

Here is the same routine (supposedly) that they did at NAUCC 2006:

Sorry…I meant CANT…You CANT link to specific videos.

That was an amazing routine. Great to see live at NAUCC.

Hey. Thanks! Another one of your efforts to UNDERMINE THE FORUM. Like the Pied Piper of Hamelin, you’ve just lured a whole generation of uni-kids away from the discipline of research.

Right click - save as.

now you can download this awesome routine.

awesome cant wait till its finished. Ive been dying to see some of the freestyle. Just watching the latest episode of uniconnews right now

Whatttttt very amazing stuff. Must have been hours of practice or something.