Amputee unicyclist?

I was looking at the Schlumpf News page, and was intrigued to find what appears to be a photo of a guy with a less than average number of legs riding a unicycle! The photo dates from Nov 2005 at the French Unicycle Cup. Does anyone know who this rider is? I’m very impressed that its possible to ride a unicycle without two complete legs. I’ve heard of amputees riding bikes (and doing pretty hardcore offroad trails on them) but never a unicycle.

Hah, he isn’t an amputee, he is crossing his left leg over his right and riding 1 footed. You can even see his left shoe poking out.

Haha! Yeah, he isn’t amputee, I dont know if he would be able to ride a 29" schlumpf if he was amputee. I dont know how he could freemount too:p

Amputee Riding

People do amazing one footed riding so I don’t see why an amputee can’t ride.
I am sure that an amputee would have problems climbing steep stuff where he can’t pedal on the downstrike enough to glide unit the pedal passes the 12O’clock position but for most other stuff one footed riding is quite common place.



You can only just see his foot tho

Oh yes, you’re right. I’ve not seen the crossing legs trick done that low on the legs before. I thought that it was the bottom of his pants, rather than his left shoe. Oh well.

Bill Jenack (founder of the Unicycling Society of America) once wrote about a guy with one leg who had learned to ride (presumably with Bill’s help but I can’t remember) using his upside-down crutch on the vacant pedal.

I guess changing gears would not be the easiest task.