Amount of riders for each level?

I remember a thread about this, but search turned up nothing. The question of course is how many people are there officially qualified in each level? For example, it would be laid out like this:


  • Level 1 - BLANK people
  • Level 2 - BLANK people
  • Level 3 - BLANK people [I]And so on...[/I]

you forgot level 0. potters friend is here now- so we should have a level 0.

are there that many people that are OFFICIALLY tested?
I’m not…

TCUC has officially tested riders (with the USA rules - slightly stricter than the IUF rules for most of the skills). Our current count for each level is:

1 42
2 53
3 14
4 19
5 21
6 9
7 20
8 10
9 0
10 8

If add in the Level ‘0’ - the non-tested, but still can ride a little - TCUC has at least 50 people at that ‘level’.

We have a lot at Level 1 & 2 (the stomach on seat & obstacle in Level 3 is a barrier for many), more at Level 5 (hop on wheel in Lvl 6 is difficult for many - especially our under 10-years-old riders), more at 7 (hand wheel walk, bwd spin, pirouette in Lvl 8 are difficult), more at 8 (seat drag, bwd pirouette in Lvl 9 are difficult). Most who pass 9 seem to get to 10 within a year.


I’m officiall a level 0, but I could play a level 5 or 6 on TV.

Thanks Constance, you rule! Now what about the info accounting for all of the tested riders that the USA and/or IUF have? Thanks again Constance, hope to meet you on one of them distance rides I always see you participating in. Gotta love distance ride photo journals…:slight_smile:

Tom Daniels posted this on 2005-04-06.

"Here are statistics for current USA, Inc. members in good standing:

Level 10 - 8
Level 9 - 2
Level 8 - 10
Level 7 - 31
Level 6 - 13
Level 5 - 39
Level 4 - 109
Level 3 - 87
Level 2 - 167
Level 1 - 160"

Here are skill level statistics for current USA, Inc. members in good standing (1391 members in 664 households) as of this moment:

Level 10 - 8
Level 9 - 2
Level 8 - 10
Level 7 - 33
Level 6 - 16
Level 5 - 42
Level 4 - 113
Level 3 - 68
Level 2 - 152
Level 1 - 161
Level o - 81

I would not place much faith in these numbers. As you know, members may report anything they wish for Levels 0 - 4. Most members do not bother to send in changes after they fill out their initial membership applications. Of the affiliated clubs, only TCUC (thanks to Connie!) and Panther Pride (thanks to Barbara Kowalski!) have been sending in their quarterly updates.

The IUF, Inc. does not keep any skill level records or any other form of membership records because it does not currently offer any form of individual membership.

Tom Daniels
Former USA, Inc. President
Current IUF, Inc. Secretary / Treasurer

Where are the levels

Where are the list of levels on the internet?? cuz i was looking at this one set of levels and i was like level 8… but the things u talk about is harder than the things in “the levels i read” i donno if u know what i mean but can u send me a link to the levels??

go to then got to the top menu and click on levels its all right there

This list of the skill levels on is a very useful resource. Leo Vandewoestijne has made videos of all but two of the skills, the pirouette and backward pirouette.

Remember, before you can really be a certain level, you have to be officially tested, and in order to say you’re a certain level, you should probably be able to do all the skills on the level and all the levels below it, with transitions, according to set guidelines, with a fairly high degree of consistency.

The official USA, Inc. skill levels may be found at:

The official IUF, Inc. skill levels may be found at:


i live in canada in ontario… where, when and who?? what do i have to do to get tested?

Yes- well more or less. I will see if I can find the documemt and extract the data in a next few days. Any UUU testers who havn’t mailed me with up-dates to levels passed in the last year please do so and I’ll include them.


Ok - UUU /IUF levels passed in the UK as at 21st Sept 2005 ( as notified to me by testers)
L1 = 112
L2 = 63
L3 = 18
L4 = 6
L5= 4
L6= 2
L7= 1

I suspect there are more tested L1-3s out there as not all testers have kept me up to date with their records. I havn’t been asked asked for more certs at 4 and above so I think those numbers are fairly acurate. If your in the uK and want to test for UUU/IUF levels come along to SW uni meets, kidderminster uni meets or BUC or try Selly oak Juggling club , Denton Unicycle club or Stockton unicycle club all of which have testers around. If you want a certificate to record your passing a test you will need to be a member of UUU, see for details
Who prints UUU level certificates and trys to keep records.