America's Most Beautiful Unicycle Ride 2007

You guys (and gals) Rock

I just want to say good luck from us sub-mortals (notice I am not making Eye-contact). I am inspired by your feats and enjoy the photos.


I am looking forward to seeing everyone here in Tahoe, I came up on Thursday and have been getting some practice hill climb rides in so I am ready to go

louise and i will be up tonight. if anyone want’s to do some rock climbing (trad/sport) on sat, give me a holler.

Hey… good luck to you all… Since I live just at the bottom of the hill from tahoe, I might come up and bug you guys… or at least cheer you on…

I’d try to ride it myself if I had anything bigger than a 24 incher…


looks like we never landed this one. Any thoughts? I’m at the blue jay now, or rather the cyber cafe next door. Did a short 10 miler today with some mild climbing to get acclimated…there is a little bit of altitude here compared to my normal sea level rides. It was interesting to see hills that normally wouldn’t phase me had me panting good. Gotta get psyched for the big ones to come on Sunday.

I will plan on Tahoe Sports around noon.


Just remember Tom, that whatever you accomplish on the ride you’ll be doing better than me. :stuck_out_tongue: