America's Most Beautiful Unicycle Ride 2007

Thanks to Irene, we just noticed that registration for the annual Lake Tahoe ride (America’s Most Beautiful Unicycle Ride) is now open. This typically fills up in a week or so since they only allow 3000 riders and for some reason they allow BIKES too. So Grace, Beau, Irene, Mike and I just took the big plunge and registered for the 100 mile option. This is around the lake (72 miles) plus a 14 mile out and back detour to Truckee. The ride is June 3 this year - don’t miss this if you like gorgeous long rides.


Here are some photos from previous years (I didn’t get any nice ones from 2006):


Hope you can join us.


My father spent a year sail making over near lake Tahoe, he has some great photo’s. When i have enough money it is definately going to be on my ‘point of call list’ on the America Trip.

I wish i could come along.

I’ll be there. Got to see if Jacquie want to attempt half the lake or something. On her recumbent.

I should’ve mentioned that there are a couple of shorter options. If you sign up for their 35 mile option it actually costs more (since you take a boat one-way) and you end up riding the not as nice side. If you want a shorter option, it’s more fun to sign up for 72 miles, but just ride from the start to lunch - total 42 miles, all on the good (California) side. And then a final option that a couple of guys took last year is to ride backwards ending at lunch. That’s only 30 miles on the not so nice side, but they said the view across the lake to the Calif side was awesome. They did that without registering.

If you plan on “crashing” the ride, that is avoiding the registration fee, it will work fine but you won’t be able to start up the climb to Emerald Bay between 6:30am and 8:30am when it is closed to traffic. So start super early or a little later and you can do the ride for free, self-supported.

Just heard from Bronson that he also took the plunge and signed up for the 100 mile option - that is going to be fun!


A little more on the difference between the “good” and “other” sides. The CA (good) side includes Emerald Bay, the most scenic part of Lake Tahoe and probably the most interesting and beautiful scenery. But the road is narrow, with steep crown and basically no shoulders, so you ride a thin, angled edge. Also the view across the lake is poorly lit, as the rising sun is over there.

The Nevada (other) side spends more time away from sight of the lake (I think) and isn’t as interesting scenery-wise. But it does have wider shoulders and was considered by Bruce and Geoff to be a “better” ride, for them. Also the view across the lake is probably very nice in the early morning, with the sun shining toward the far side. Also I think it’s the shorter route to Kings Beach, where the official half-lake ride starts.

What start time?

My wife and I will be there, she on a b*ke, I on my new Nimbus 36er.

When registering they require a start time. Nathan, what time did you folks register for?


In the past doing the 72 miles, we’ve started at 7-7:30. This time we signed up for 6am but will start around 5:30-5:45. We’re thinking it’s probably 11 hours or so in total. The 72 miles took us a bit over 8 hours last time.

That will be great to see more unicycles there.


Yawn… Maybe I’ll try to organize the “don’t want to start in the dark/cold group…” :slight_smile:

Lasst year I was proud to have started with the group, and stayed with Beau and Nathan until the start of the big climb up toward Emerald Bay. Then I completed the climb, stopping at the top, about 9 miles into the ride. It may have been the farthest I’ve ever ridden without a dismount.

You could aim for 100 miles in 10 hours. It’s a nice round number.

I was wishing I had a unicycle with me when I went to Tahoe, we had a couple of fantastic walks in the snow. Amazing scenery, certainly beats Lincolnshire as a setting for a 100 mile ride.


We’ll be there!

Thanks, Nathan, for reminding me about this ride before it got filled up. We have registered for the 72 mile ride, but we’ll start with you and perhaps be able to keep up until the first hill. Then we’ll see you again at the pool party or whenever you pass us on the road.

Where are you folks staying Saturday and Sunday nights? What is the best way to get there from Canada - fly to Reno and rent a car? Or is the South Tahoe airport big enough to accept international flights? And finally, what do you pack a Coker in to avoid damage?


Definately fly into Reno. Lake Tahoe airport is very small, and would probably be quite a bit more expensive.

Tahoe is a pretty short drive from Reno.

Dang! This is going to be a good sized group. I’m excited! (and nervous!)

I just signed up for the 27-mile option, 7:00 start time. All us unicyclists can take it from there on grouping up, either with the 100-milers or later on. My current goal will be Kings Beach again, unless a group wants to ride the lake backwards, in which case I may do that one.

Last year Jacquie and I stayed at Harrah’s because we have lots of Total Rewards points. It’s next door to the Horizon, and I could see the early riders starting from our room! And a very nice hotel with non-smoking rooms, if you can handle walking through the stinky smoke of a Nevada casino.

All In…
:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Tom, which ride did you sign up for? Shoot me an email at nathan at and we can figure out details like where to stay.


Was using “All In” as a technical term, but perhaps I’ve been watching too much poker on TV. I signed up for the 100, although I’m conscious that this is 25 miles further than my current longest ride, and at 6,000 feet instead of my current sea level. Both non-trivial differences, but what the hell. :slight_smile:

Will PM so we can work through logistics.

As the ride approaches, I’ve been doing a little training. Today I set out to ride not too far, and ran into a guy on a bike whose kids ride unicycles. He rode along with me on the American River Bike Trail for many miles while we talked about learning to ride, and other stuff. He’s learning too, at age 50.

I ended up going 16 miles, in 1:15. No dismounts, a personal record! I held onto lightposts at a traffic light on the way out and back, so purists can subtract 2.6 miles, making 13.4 miles with no “dabs.” I can do better.

On Monday I rode the bike path in the opposite direction, from my house all the way to the center of Folsom, where the 100-year old bike path bridge is. Then I turned around and rode partway back, where Jacquie picked me up. That was 24.5 miles with only two dismounts (and no posts). Now I just need some hills and/or altitude to train on…

Looks like we have a very big group of unicyclists this year! According to Nathan we have:

100-mile club:
Grace (on bike?)
Mike Scalisi
Irene Genelin
Tom Blackwood
Scot Cooper
Bronson Silva (on bike, training for a big tour)

Mortals (72 miles):
Corbin Dunn
Louise Lovelle
Don Olsen
Robert Allen
Ryan Woessner (maybe 100 miles)
John Foss (hoping for the whole CA side or better)
Gary Kanauch (unknown vehicle, maybe 100 miles)

Wow, that’s fifteen of us! Not all on unicycles, but we’re all part of the big unicycling family. Hope I’m not leaving anyone out…

Looks like I’m the only wuss who’s only planning on half the lake. I’m feeling fine after this 16-mile nonstop ride, so let’s just say I’ll go as long as I can. My longest rides ever are in the low 50s (and in 1980-86), so let’s see if my knees will hold out to let me beat that!

Actually, you can move me from the 100 mile club into the Mortals category. I busted my toe on May 6, so my training was cut off until just this past week, and even then I’ve been taking it pretty easy. I’m hoping I can make the full 73 around the lake, but I’m not seeing Truckee in my ride plan.

I’m looking forward to seeing everyone on Saturday.


How about this for a plan for meeting up Saturday:

Choice 1: at Tahoe Sports Ltd, around noon-1pm. We all have to pick up our packets there.
Village Shopping Center at Highway 50 & Heavenly Village Way, in South Lake Tahoe, two lights from the Stateline Casinos on the California side.
Google Map

Choice 2: At the Zephyr Cove Disc Golf Course after lunch (say 2-4pm) Dics Golf info
5 miles from registration into Nevada: Driving directions

Choice 3: At the motel lobby where many of us are staying at 6pm
Best Value Inn Blue Jay Lodge
4133 Cedar Avenue
South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150 US
Google Map

We’ll figure out a nice place to all go out to dinner together. A few people like Scot and Mike will be coming in late after dinner time.

100 mile riders are checking out of the motel at 5:15 and starting the ride at 5:30am!


Good Luck To All!!

Good luck to all of you, it is so awesome what all of you are going to accomplish! What a great place to have such an incredible event, and to have so many unicyclist entering. For those of you trying for PB, dig deep, ride hard, and smile allot. You are all an inspiration to me, and to the unicycling community. ROCK ON!:smiley: