Americas most Beautiful ride Lake Tahoe

If you are planning on riding Americas most Beautiful ride around Lake Tahoe on June 3rd 2007 here is the link to register
last year it sold out in March

The ride is sold out already

Wow, that was a short thread.

But I got my registration in! However, if Jacquie decides to ride it with me we may do what Geoff Faraghan and Bruce Bundy did last time, which is to ride the lake counter-clockwise from South Tahoe to Kings Beach. I think that’s a little bit shorter than the opposite direction, but they chose it due to the wider shoulders. Much of the scenic West side of the lake has no shoulders at all.

So if you want to do the ride but didn’t get registered, this is a possibility for you. If you want to go the regular way you may get stopped at the ascent up toward Emerald Bay until 8:30am so keep this in mind. This was when they opened the road up last year. I was lucky enough to sneak through the “ID-checkpoint” by riding between Beau and Nathan Hoover!