American Showcase Video Idea- Voting/Discussion


Everybody here can agree that Defect completely owns. But with the riders we have now, I think a recent video (essentially a revised Defect) would kick butt. But I think it’d be cool if it were to showcase American talent, and not the European talent we all know they have.

I’m not trying to bash European riders at all, quite the opposite. I just want there to be a video showcasing the best riders of America.

This thread is basically for ideas on WHO to showcase. Also put in ideas on who could edit the video.

My opinion: (don’t feel obligated to join this, I’m just putting in who I would like to see ride and edit)

Obviously I can’t put a pull on every American Rider. But we can establish a later poll to judge from there.
Riders : Forrest, Eli, Pat, Kevin, Will, Max, Matt, Spencer, Jon, Zach, Pedro…this is just to get the list started. We can vote on who we all think should join

Edit: SincoJim, Bobusse, Spencer Hochberg (again, feel no obligation)

Dude, don’t forget Pele :wink:

This made me think of a huge callout video :p. Like 3 or 4 huge videos, from Europe, North America, NZ and Australia, etc. Hahaha, the judging would be so biased, but you never know :roll_eyes:



No… with riding like Krisz in his new vid, Europeans would just kill… A huge Koxx one video out from Europe would be so sick though.

But Colby, idea is nice if the top riders wanted to do it. But to make it a really nice video it would be pretty short I think. The America’s have so few amazing riders and a lot of the styles overlap.

And how did you forget Emile, Hugo, and the other Canadian riders? I also hope you didn’t meen me when you said Max… because then you would be missing America’s best rider.

Hey, man you never know. Shaun Johanneson is apparently making a comeback :roll_eyes:


Quote from Shaun’s facebook, October 21.


Kevin Mcmullin is american too, right? (Damn, I should know this :p)
I’d also call Ryan Atkins, and ask him if he wanted to do it even though he’s doing more mountain biking nowadays. :slight_smile:

They are both Canadian.

Canada is still America. I didn’t put them in because I thought they stopped.
I heard from somebody yesterday Kevin is getting back into riding though. :slight_smile:

You’d probably get beat up if you said that around a bunch of patriotic Canadians:p

No… Canada is part of (the) America(s)… Not The United States of America though…

When someone says “America”, you do not think “Canada, USA, Mexico.” You think “USA.” You need to say “North America” or “the Americas.” All he said was America, which led me to believe he was just talking about the United States of America.:slight_smile:


I can’t wait until NAUCC 2013. Finally a competition that is close enough for me to attend. Looking forward to seeing the top American riders in person.