what unicycle should I get at I have credit there, but I already have a Torker LX 24"

This one.

I was thinking of getting one that was around 150.00

this one

like I said I was lookig for one that is around $150.00US where are you guys finding those unis? I went to cycling-unicycles and don’t see and other than Torker, Sun, no name

you aren’t gonna get much of a unicycle at that price, nothing better than you already have anyways.

why not buy a book with your credit and get a trials uni from

how did you guys find the KH ones? is this one ok


you are going to have to post a lot more criteria than ‘cheap price’

what do you want to do with it? a 26" is very close to the 24" you already have, they would be quite similar, although this would be slightly faster.

it comes with the crappiest seat ever made, as well!

look right above the seat in the pic you just posted, and search for ‘unicycle’

I amjust looking to get another unicyle either a tall 5ft one or maybe a Muni or a bike for speed

I could just get this if it would fit my Torker LX

If you want that KH saddle, you will need this:
Make sure to get the 25.4mm (1 inch) diameter. Thats what I did to my LX and feels great!

can I order one of those from amazon?

I think I will wait awhile then get the Torker TX and maybe a KH seat and seat post for my LX

is that a wise choice?


keep in mind htough, I have a giraffe, and before I had it I thout they were the coolest things ever, but now I barely ride it. There kindof pointless unless your performing.

I agree 100%. I thought they were cool at first and I got on and rode it for a few hours and now i hardly ever ride it

There are giraffes on amazon?

they also are very annoying and hard to mount.

Why are they annoying?
Do they talk alot or what?

they are annoying to mount

how do you do it? get next to a large object and step on?