Amazing uni photos found

In an old scrapbook, I came across some amazing uni photos. They answered
a question I had posed to John Foss and also provided a wonderful surprise
involving our friends Sem and Teresa Abrahams.

I recently asked John if he recalled someone riding a rather huge uni
which seemed to be made of a table top with pedals. He didn’t, which is
because I’d confused two unis. John, when I first met you in Central Park,
there was a large wheel uni (probably yours) and ALSO an ultimate wheel
whose wheel was made of wood (a common UW design) with pedals screwed in
either side. But the UW wasn’t huge – I had just melded the two unis into
one in my mind. I have shots of you riding the big wheel, and guy with
straight brown hair riding the UW. He also rides a stacked uni with 2

Looking closely at a poster in the background, you can see that this event
took place in the summer of 1986, when I was 19 and my brother had just
turned 16. There are many unicyclists there at the Bandshell, and some of
the other unis included a tiny one (the wheel is no larger than 12" high)
and a blue giraffe about 6’ high.

In the scrapbook is also a cut out from a tabloid newspaper featuring a
wedding where everyone was on unicycles (bride, groom, rev, bride’s
father,…). I had never noticed before, but the couple getting married
were Sem and Teresa!

I don’t have a scanner, but I’ll get these into a computer soon and will
send them to John or figure out another method to provide them to everyone.

David Stone
Co-founder, Unatics of NY
1st Sunday / 3rd Saturday
@ Central Park Bandshell
1:30 start time after 11/1/01