Amazing (to me)

Today my dad went into a local bike shop (bobs bicycle shop) and looked around, and noticed a 24" sun on the wall and said to “Bob”, my son broke one of those after a week. He was amazed, and pointed to my dad a stronger one and said “he probably wouldnt break this one.” It was a brand new Summit. My dad came home and said “George, have you ever heard of the brand Summit?” I was really shocked that a little bike store like this would ever have a good unicycle. I dont know now if I want to by his $300 summit or a $425 Bedford. Any comments or suggestions?

edit: my dad just told me the frame was black. i have never seen a black one, but that would be cool. He described it as a “real fat” tire and a flat crown.

that’s very interesting. i wonder what saddle comes with it. to my knowledge they didn’t make black summits. and i would be amazed to find out that they are still making them.


update, i went in to the bike shop today, and rode the summit. it was actually orange, just like every other one. my dad must have just glanced at it. It had the viscount seat which sucks. the guy said he could easily drop the price to $275 but thats still too much. im going to go back and say 275+ they have to add the KH seat to it. any suggestions?

Before you get too demanding, maybe you should consider how much it might be costing them. Who knows, maybe they can’t buy them for as cheap as He might be doing you a really good deal as it is (given how much he might be paying for it). I’m not saying that you should buy it just because he might be being generous, but maybe ease off with the haggling and appreciate what he’s trying to do? I don’t mean to intrude, etc it’s just that I used to work at a bike shop and I’ve noticed that some bike shop owners aren’t always appreciated when they really are trying to help someone out.

I just re-read your post and noticed that he said he could ‘easily’ drop the price to $275 so maybe what I just said is completely irrelevant…just something to think about though.

Enjoy whichever unicycle you end up buying. :slight_smile:


Well I’m debating over buying a Bedford trials, ($455 after shipping) and the summit ($275 plus having to have to buy a 50 dollar KH seat) Is it worth spending the extra money get the lighter frame (nimbus II)

Summit rocks and is virtually bullet proof. Though I am sure in time you will break it. Summit is virtually the KH20 that you see on and there are no more and won’t be anymore. I would say you are getting a good price at $275. See if he will put a KH seat on it for an even $300. That would be win/win seeing he probably will ge a better price on the KH seat than you would.