Amazing service

Ordered cranks from UDC UK on 12/11 at 6:30 pm EST. Just got them delivered to Connecticut in the US today, 12/14 at 1:00 pm EST. How did they do that?

like you said, amazing service

Same thing essentially happened to me; ordered spokes and a Foss tube from UDC UK and four days later they arrive to me in Washington state. The tube was also defective (two holes) and I sent them an email with a picture and without question they put out a new one right away. UDC has customer service second to none!

I live in the UK so its a little easier for them to post it to me. But whatever I order I can almost guarantee it’ll arrive next day, and if not, it’ll certainly arrive the day after!

Even in NL I have this; unless using the tiny-cheaper shipping option, I get it pretty much next-day (unless ordered late), and it seems to come from the UK.

Hmmm, don’t know. I will have a look in to it and why it was so slow… :wink:


+1 to the thread - I recently ordered a custom 36 wheel build from UDC-US, and Josh got it done and delivered to me from Georgia to Montana, all in just a little over a week.

Oups, I miss a essential part… I meant “using the tiny-less-cheaper shipping option”. Once you want to safe a tiny amount on that, then shipping goes amazing slow, but still OK if you’re not in a rush or impatient.

I think they let Roger drive the truck. :smiley:

I thought he delivered everything in a bug rucksack riding his racing penny! :stuck_out_tongue:

Udc uk

Yup they are always great … even where I am which most carriers dont consider mainland Scotland… rather somewhere on a different planet!!