Amazing riding display

Never mind the first video on this page. Watch the two German girls on the second video.

Amazing stuff. It’s mainly on one wheel.

Nice website :stuck_out_tongue:

…the product of growing up in a small isolated mountain town where the only thing they had was a bike with only one good tire.

fixie tandem bike action…

That is some very unique and talented riding. There sure didn’t seem to be any positive comments made about their accomplishment though :thinking:
I guess some people just like to tear other people down, usually because of their own inadequacies. I was very impressed… and as far as I could tell, I don’t know how the detractors could determine whether or not they were indeed lesbians. I suppose that will remain an irrelevant mystery…:slight_smile:

Big time +1. Or they are just so threatened by other people’s talent, that they simply will not reply/respond at all, knowing that to do so would be giving them the praise that they themselves so desperately seek. Sad, petty, pathetic.

That is pure genius!! Gotta love stuff like that, makes my being able to unicycle feel like being able to crawl!

That is some amazing riding. :sunglasses:

a direct link to the youtube video…
I didn’t like the site much, and the video won’t be second for long anyway :slight_smile:

What a horrible, hateful website.

Wow, that’s cool. I feel so inadequate. :stuck_out_tongue:

there is another one one the same channel that looks pretty good too!!

I only found the site by following a link to the video from the forum.

I think I remember commenting on that video before, but in a different thread. It’s the Junior European Championships (not even the adults). Pairs Artistic Bicycling involves 11 figures with 2 bikes, followed by 11 figures with both riders on one bike. Skill level is through the roof, but there is no creativity involved. You can only choose your figures from the approved list.

Sound like Standard Skill? Actually it’s the other way around. Standard Skill is based on that sport, which has been around much longer.

Personally I support hating on most people who ride fixies, especially the ones with ironic facial hair who look smug. handles this sort of thing much better.

Those girls are incredibly impressive and do not belong on a website that should be dedicated solely to making fun of hipsters on fixies, though. In fact, that site should really remove every photo of someone doing something impressive on a fixie and instead dedicate itself to people who simply ride them around and think they are cool because of it. (Every time I pass some hipster riding a fixie in Uptown on my unicycle I wish I could ride one footed just so I could kick them. As an aside, my dad, who is 60 something, bought into the fixie craze because he saw some documentary and had to go and buy some $800 fixie he had to drive all over SoCal to find and he rode it once and now it hangs in the garage uselessly, and that just about sums up the whole fixie movement as far as I am concerned.)

I don’t really understand hating on people because of something like riding a fixie.

Not sure how accurate it is, but you can enter that domain into the “WHOIS Lookup” box at tucowsdomains and get the owner’s name, address, phone number, and email.
Wouldn’t he be worried some anger fixie guy would come hunt him down?

I don’t ride a fixie, nor would I hunt someone down… just curious if the info is available, and how anonymous people really think they are.

It’s cool to hate on trends. Fixies are good fodder especially because they are loved by people who already love things that are trendy and easy to hate on, namely hipsters who wear vintage clothing (which is ridiculous because they pay $75 for a t-shirt they could get at Goodwill for $5), grow out facial hair because it’s ironic ('cause people don’t grow out mustaches anymore don’t ya get it???), listen to indie rock ('cause no one listens to Fleet Foxes or Grizzly Bear or Arcade Fire! and they used to listen to Modest Mouse but they are too mainstream now), wear flannel ('cause everyone cool in Portland does, which also happens to be wear most cool indie rock comes from these days) and think they’re super edgy and unique when in fact they’re just like everyone else they know.

Most people (read: hipsters) who ride fixies these days don’t ride fixies because they actually care about what they are useful for, they ride them because they are “cool” and every other hipster rides one. That’s why it’s fun to hate on people who ride fixies: because they are just hipsters who are following trends. Like overpaying for vintage clothing/shopping at American Apparel, hipsters on fixies are extra fun to hate on because they’re following a trend that doesn’t make much sense: they would get where they are going much faster if they just rode a normal bike, but they can’t ride a normal bike because normal bikes aren’t trendy, and their hipster cred would diminish.

I’m sure when you were younger there was some trend that was cool to hate on when you were in your 20’s. For us 20-somethings now, it’s hipsters, and hipsters love fixies, so we hate on fixies. In the 90’s I’m sure there was a whole class of people who hated on people who dressed all grunge. In the 80’s I’m sure there were people who hated on people who used a whole can of aqua-net on their hair. In the 70’s it was probably cool to make fun of disco. In the 60’s, it was hippies when that reached critical mass. Every generation has its own “hipsters”.

Hipsters are especially offensive these days because they basically cannibalize every other trend and then try to declare themselves unique by creating the most garish combination of trends possible… thus you get people on fixies who are wearing flannel, short shorts, Kanye West plsatic-slant glasses, keffiyehs, knee high tube socks, bowling shoes, and do up their hair in some 80’s style while wearing a 70’s styled mustache. To top it all off they do it because it’s “ironic”, they declare themselves clever and think they are so smart when in actuality they just look like a fuggin’ tard. So we make fun of them.

On the upside in about 5 to 10 years there are going to be so many used fixies on the market that anyone who is interested in starting a collection will probably be able to buy a 100 of them for about $50.

I corrected this for you.


Weren’t you inspired by that video? Go pull that fixie off the hook in the garage and ride it! Of course, you only get to use the rear wheel. :smiley:


No, it’s pretentious to hate on trends, and I have no qualms about that! I am nothing if not pretentious and pompous, I do write a music blog after all. Hipsters ironically assimilate trends, not hate on them.

As an aside, I do call myself a hipster, but I only call myself a hipster because once you call yourself a hipster you are no longer a hipster, but the act of calling myself a hipster is so damn ironic that I am pretty sure I am a hipster… I don’t know. My head hurts.

I am way too busy trying to be cooler than everyone else by riding a unicycle whilst getting whistled circus music and rocks thrown at me to be bothered with a fixie right now. looks aloof Now if you’ll excuse me, I hear tights are about to become the next ironic fashion trend for males, and they’re having a sale at American Apparel… I figure a pair of silver ones will really set off my new 20 Nimbus Trials…

Amiantos is such a hipster.

Amazing video.

This “irony” sounds like a very interesting concept. Is it an important aspect of American culture?