Amazing replica 19th century monocycle

Awesome monocycle thing:

This is amazingly beautiful and incredibly cool. I’ve never seen a monocycle quite like this before. It’s well worth browsing to the ebay page to the see other pictures, it really is a work of art. I wonder if anybody on here would like to snap it up?

Well, to be a unicyclist you must be a “born acrobat”!

Fascinating machine. Is a sidestand available as an optional extra?

Incredible craftsmanship.

Most definitely. I would prefer one of these then the modern ones. Even though that looks awesome too. :smiley: :smiley:

It looks uncomfortable. But it sure is pretty


People say that about my unicycle!

Sometimes they’re right, though…

Anyone have $13,000 sitting around?

Yes, a work of art! Look at the craftsmanship in all those photos! But the riding position leaves something to be desired.

If only I had an extra $13,000 lying around…

I can check under my couch…