Amazing Powder coated frames, rims and hubs!

Wow, you have got to get an eyefull of the pic’s Darren posted of his powder coated frames, rims and hubs:

Such a pretty sight!


nice assortment of flavors!

Himm, now, what would I get if I went for yet another…

blue rim, orange frame,
orange rim, red frame,
yellow rim, blue frame,
blue rim, black frame,

ah, the options are endless…


You forgot…

Yellow hub and rim, black spokes and frame…hmmmmmmm

how are you finding the Monty cranks, Erin? I think those will be my new ones, shifting the Kooka’s to the Coker…I was just able to ride all my trails with 26"/150’s

…W O W :astonished:

That is really really nice. One of these days Darren will get my
business from The States. Gotta have purple, though.

I need to run and get my drool cup.

Bitchen! Dude!

Re: Amazing Powder coated frames, rims and hubs!

I just received 2 frames from Darren and they are absolutely rad. One black and
one orange frame. The Powder Coating is soo sweet and the stickers are awesome
looking too! They are extremely nice, and the colours are super bright. If you
want a thing of beauty, that is rugged and will last, look no further.