Amazing North Shore Set Up

Ok ok I know this isn’t actually unicycling but the set up is truly amazing, plus the rider is skilled to ride this crazy course.

That looked so fun! The corkscrew is ace!

Eek! You’d need serious balls (not to mention considerable skill) to ride that, bike or unicycle. I was crapping myself on the 2-foot high stuff at Chicksands :o


That’s pretty impressive, and such a wicked course !!!

course looks awesome… i saw herts in the text- wonder where it is??

just realised-

private land :frowning:

i’m not skilled enough to ride it yet, but hopefully when i do stumble across it in my own county…

:astonished: wow thats insane :astonished: , i couldnt even walk half of that! and at 165, thats just crazy!!!


skill+time+money=that was insane

that looks like so much fun if you have the skills…and +1 about the corkscrew spiral thing


Not sure how many of you noticed the riders age either, he isn’t some crazy youth with a death wish he a respectable chap at a healthy age of 39, got to have respect for that.

I’ve heard mention of this place, it’s not that far from Chicksands but you have to know the guy who runs in to ride there, and presumably he’s pretty selective about who he lets on this stuff.

technically if you multiply something by one, it doesnt change anything… jk!:stuck_out_tongue:

that was a sick course! ill get some ideas form this one when im building my new one.