amazing basketball goal!

so, here’s a small clip of me, when i was at unicon XV. enjoy. :smiley:

awesome :stuck_out_tongue:

haha we spent an hour or so doing that with the frenchies while we were waiting for the video comp to start

yeah i noticed :smiley:

Haha, Awsome shot.

awesome :sunglasses:

Team Dirty Needlezz did the exact same thing after we saw you do this lol. Can’t remember who got it tho… was with me Duncan or… can’t remember lol

Edit: Love how you can see the team in the background (in the stands lol)

God I say lol too much

Hahaha that’s awesome

im pretty sure it was duncan. i think adrien L mighta got it too, or at least close

Haha, nice shot! Yesterday I had Gym class and my friend did it 3 times:p I can’t do it backwards though:(