Amasa back trail (Moab)

Hey, what happened to everyone who went to Amasa back?? Carol and I waited for you!!! Guess we took too much of a head start… Anyway, it was nice meeting Larry? (from Oakland) most you never caught up to us, we were bummed and we got lost but still had lots of fun. We saw the coolest thing when we finally got back to the parking lot. There were a couple of cliff jumpers that ran off the 400 ft high cliffs there along the trail and parachuted down to the parking lot where we were parked — waaay cool to see! But not half as cool as riding in Moab.

It was fun to see and meet lots of you, it was way too short. Thanks Rolf for putting together an amazing event! I’ll post my pics later this week. Can’t wait for the Calif Muni weekend…

As Carol would say “Did I tell you? I love Moab.”


Hi Teresa, very sorry we didn’t catch up with you. There were some delays dealing with the 3 guys filming, plus the inevitable waits when 55 riders ride somewhere together. The trail was great though - what a fantastic day. We left the lower parking lot just before the B.A.S.E jumpers went for it (or maybe there were multiple groups?) I think it was just 3pm when we got back to town.

Anyway, it was great chatting with you and Carol on Saturday and I hope to see you again at one of these get togethers. Please get Sem to at least look at the photos (sorry mine aren’t posted yet, but soon) so he can see how much fun we all had. Then keep working on him!


Heya Nathan, that was a fun trail, hope the Park City TV crew got some great footage of you guys riding! We were hoping to ride back down with you from the switchback. One cyclist told us that you were only maybe 10 minutes behind us, so we camped out and waited for a bit. Then started back, took a wrong turn and started down the other side of the gorge along the river, which was beautiful.

I showed the pics I took to Sem - I think he might have been turning a slight tinge of green :wink: I’ll work on him for next year’s Moab, unfortunately he hasn’t much interest in MUni, he has no idea what he’s missing. Luckily I have some great people close by here to ride MUni with every week. If you - or anyone - ever make it to the Detroit area and want to ride MUni we usually have a ride happening at one of the many mountain biking trails in the area every Sunday.


Next time I’m out to Michigan I would surely love to do a trail ride. All the dirt I used to ride on in the early 80s I think is paved over at this point. It’s a housing development at 7-Mile and Merriman, and the back corner of the Livonia Mall parking lot!

Yes, the Amasa Back was an awesome ride. Everywhere you looked was a postcard! Definitely when you have 55+ riders (and a 13-car caravan to get there), the average pace is going to be pretty slow. I think you must have seen some different BASE jumpers than ours, because we were all in the parking lot before they went off. Maybe they went back up for seconds!

I wonder if you came down the same trail as the big group? A singletrack with lots of narrow pedal-clipping spots, with the river on your left? And at the bottom, that steel pipe on your right? My pictures will be posted soon, hopefully today, so you can see some more.

Glad you guys had a fun ride. I though you must have had to go home early! Also looking forward to seeing you in September for our Tahoe-area trails.

Hi Teresa!

I had a great time getting “lost” with you and Carol. It really was quite the adventure. I told Marc (from basketball) hello from you. He was happy to hear. I hope you and Carol come to Cali. We need more women riders!

Mike “Larry” Scalisi

Oh poo, Mike, I knew I had your name wrong… Hey, we were on the ‘right’ trail! Those guys went back on the single track like we did, they just beat us down to the parking lot by about an hour or so. Nice trail, I’d do that again. I got a couple of great photos of the 3 of us that I’ll be posting later this week. Get Marc riding MUni! (if he isn’t already :slight_smile: )

John, even if you aren’t out on a weekend let us know when you are around. Maybe a few of us can even get together for a weekday ride. Can’t wait to see your pics. Keep us up to date on the ‘CA’ MUni weekend! Carol and I are talking about going. This time we will ride with the group.


Of course we were on right trail. My pics didn’t come out very well :frowning: I might post them anyways. …I’ll see what I can do about Marc. I think he’s done some trails before.

I’m curious how everyone else got out?
Did everyone else hit the creek at the bottom of the trail, or did we just take a wrong…err different turn somewhere?

Yup. A number of us had it easy, because Miles and Kipp–two of our enterprising junior riders–set up a “unicycle ferry” service across the creek. They carried the unis across while the riders got to concentrate on just making it across without slipping. Kris trusted Kipp with his, which made his weekend. Both kids offered to carry the TV cameras across, but were rebuked with a grunt :slight_smile: .

I think Harper struck off with a group to find a dry way across…not sure if they ever made it to that promised land, but I do know it added a half hour to their journey.

Half-Schmalf!! I was with Harper, Ben Plotkin-Swing, Berau Hoover, and Steve Howard (I think Beau turned back), and we got back to the parking lot first! We got there before the first people to cross the stream (Ryan Atkins, Joey Cohen, and Zack Baldwin). So there! We went fast, and never got out feet wet:p . Ben and I decided to take the round route, beause we were concerned that we’d get tired crossing the pipe over the stream and didn’t want to fall in.

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)Of course we were on right trail. I’m curious how everyone else got out?
)My pics didn’t come out very well :frowning: I might post them anyways.
)…I’ll see what I can do about Marc. I think he’s done some trails

I got some great pictures of you; I’m working on getting them up.

)Did everyone else hit the creek at the bottom of the trail, or did we
)just take a wrong turn somewhere?

Yeah, most of us wound up tight-roping across on the submerged pipe,
a couple shimmed across the overhead pipe, and one group went up along
creek to find another crossing. (I think they eventually did, but it took
quite a while).

For those of us who elected to take off our shoes, it looked something like this (photo by Kris Holm).

I didn’t get the memo that there were only about 200 meters of trail after the creek. I would have finished it up barefoot had I known that… :thinking:

My pictures are now uploaded to the Gallery: