AmaOneTya - New Unicycling website ... Cape Town... South Africa

The new AmaOneTya Website has gone live, with a more user friendly interface and content. It is the 2nd incarnation of the website, but really the first time I am actively publishing it beyond locally.

I have included some features for members which includes forums, and an events calendar which will allow people to create and manage their own events. More content and features are already planned.

The idea with the website is to get a local presence in order to promote Unicycling within Cape Town and South Africa, and to give people tools in order to get together more often.

Any constructive criticism welcome along with ideas for content and features.


Stellar at Stellenbosch!

I must say that your site is Stellar! Love it! The effects in the gallery were very cool! I visited The Capetown/Simontown/Stellenbosch area about 5 years ago and loved it! I would not mind going back for a visit and riding some of those awesome places!


Thanks for the positive feedback. You’re more that welcome to come and join us for some riding in the forests and through the vineyards :slight_smile:


Just so you know - I have your site bookmarked and plan to visit it from time to time. You do deserve the positive feedback for a job well done!
By the way how many riders do you have in the “Capetown” area?


Thanks for the bookmarking … wow :slight_smile: Didn’t expect that kind of response, thanks…

The Cape Town scene is relatively small with a group of 5 that does MUni, another group of about 4 that has recently started in Somerset West (about 40km’s from Cape Town), and there is a scattering of people around Cape Town that have unicycled or are currently learning (one guy has actually done the Cape Argus Cycle Tour on a home made Uni, 107km’s and the largest timed cycle race in the world I believe with 40 000 cyclists). I’ve done the race on a MTB, but plan to do it on a Unicycle… if only I could get a sponsor for a 36’er :slight_smile: or a geared 29’er :smiley:

The plan with the website is to get the small groups together more often and try grow things. So the more exposure I can get the better.

The offer to come ride with us is always open. So if you’re back in sunny SA, there is some riding we can do :slight_smile:

Nice Scene

Seems like you are developing a nice MUni Scene down there. I have no Idea when I will be back again but when and if I do pay anothere visit I will come with my MUni! BTW I expect to be eating steak every night! Your steaks were delicous and very reasonably priced!

All the Best,

You have done a GREAT job! The picture gallery interface is really funky, and the Events Calender on the home page is a nice addition. Well done!

Good job gentlemen.

Can’t wait to see the UniHoki section expand tho…