AmaOneTya - May Day MUni

1st of May ride in Tokai Forest with the AmaOneTya crew. The single track started off with some interesting riding through the Forest, with a gentle uphill most of the way before heading onto the Downhill tracks. The trails are now getting muddy and wet as we head into winter so it was a great day to be out riding on a nice sunny day.

Watch in HD, and comments welcome.
Cheers :slight_smile:

This was a nice little muni vid- looks like you have a good group of riders together. The kid on the Qu-ax has nice flow and cleared some pretty interesting sections. I’m sure if you all keep riding together you will improve really quickly. Only advice i’d give riding wise is to hit things with a bit more speed and try to roll everything. I really hate static hops in muni and find a rolling approach can be easier and looks much better. Keep it up- i look forward to the next vid you put up.

Thanks Mark. Ethan is pretty good and usually hops off drops obviously he has more control that way. I on the other hand just roll everything, mostly because I don’t have the skill to judge the take off as well. So what ever position my cranks are in is the way I take any drop. If I manage to spin my cranks in the air then great, if I don’t then I just try handle the drop with my cranks where ever they are. Definitely makes the ride more interesting.

Busy working on another video with footage from the same day, but with a different video camera … so different angles of stuff.