Amanda's Fan Club

So who is in Amanda’s fan club?

This is the funkiest and versatile unicyclist in the south west of England. (she also has the best falls!)

I am number 1 fan, who else?

i enjoy her movies

Can I be Joint First? :stuck_out_tongue:

But do you want fan no.2 status?

she is an example to us all…

After watching just one vid, I’m DAMN impressed by the freestyle tricks she can pull off. Great stuff!


like amanda gallancher

Right now I am so hideously drunk I will agree to anything, but she was at the last SWUM, which is good enough for me. Hurray for Amanda!


(Hey, look… even though the room is spinning, and I think I seriously insulted my boss (I will find out in the morning, I guess) I’m still putting the effort in to make sure my posts are spelt correctly. Hurrah!)


oh phil…tisk tisk. but yeah…i wil take spot 3 on her fans list if its still available.

I love Amanda!

amanda is teh bomb diggety wiggety


i am amandas true number one fan! just look at her sig…i love amanda!

can we get some ‘amanda fan’ avatars up in this piece?

is she pretty?

like duh! so basically i want in too…

Yeah. Amanda is doing cutting edge stuff for girls in unicycling and she’s posting videos of progress. She’s not afraid to show that she makes mistakes and is generous with inclusions of others in her videos. She is friendly online and makes it a point to make fun of herself as well as others. She is very mature online for her age. I have always been totally impressed with her presence here. And she’s not just pretty…she’s pretty talented, too. Sign me up for any position in her fan club.

at the risk of my gf getting cranky…

yeah i love amanda and what she does for uk uni-ing.

she’s one of my real inspirations

and real friendly to boot!

i haven’t told my gf about her yet- i’ve as yet to know her as a jealous type… :stuck_out_tongue:

Hope your toe heals real soon- GO AMANDA!! :slight_smile:

What Harper said. :slight_smile:

well… i guess i’m her no. 17 fan :smiley:

amanda, you so crazzeh!