am i young

I was watching blue peter (don’t know why) on bbc 1 and saw this young kid who looked about ten. He could do lots of tricks and was better than me. I havent seen many very young unicyclists (I am, but at heart). Do you know any young unicyclists (even you!) if so please put down a post on how young they are, and we will see how young we can get to!

I’m 18. Younger than a lot of people here but I know there are younger at the forums.

New record for this thread! I’m only sixteen.

Beat ya. I just turned 15.

im 13. ive been riding for about 6 years tho.

i’m 11 and ive been riding for 5 years.

my bros 8 and he rides im 12 and i ride

freshman, here, an i got my 8th grade friend to start, too.
PS, you kids who’ve been riding since you were six, you got sum awesome parents!

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King Muni Man (son of Jason in Alaska who used to post here) is now 7
I think, he’s been riding since he was 5. Allegedly, the youngest
unicyclist on record was 18 months old.

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I’m 13. Not the youngest and definitely not the oldest. :slight_smile:

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No way… I don’t know much about kids and when they walk and talk and stuff but surely that’d be too early for most to learn to ride a bike, a unicycle tho? Maybe the 18 month-older just owns a unicycle :stuck_out_tongue:

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Well, if I’m lying, I’m lying ‘in commission’, see the bottom of this page.

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Maybe it meant the stage was 18 months old?:wink:

Ah! Rush…that was gonna drive me crazy until I could name that song…and now it’s stuck in my head!

Anyway, I started when I was 17, I’m now 21 and not much better.

There’s a 6-year-old girl that lives up the street from me… I see her pedaling circles around her bike-riding friends, barefoot, just about every day in her driveway. She even rides it down the street to the beach (again, barefoot).

Apparently she goes to some sort of progressive school, where all the children are taught to ride, juggle, etc. They’ve graduated a few older students onto giraffes even. I heard her teacher used to be a clown, but the thought is too scary for me to believe.

Darren Bedford was telling me of a friend of his whose 5 year old took to the unicycle like a fish to water. He was unicycling in a matter of hours!

Darren was so impressed he was building a customunicycle for him. I am going to ask Darren about the kids progress and will update y’all!

Im 14 and iv been uniing since i was 11(?).
Syrupandme,you forgot to tell us how old you are.