Am I wrong?

It struck me recently that a still stand may be the core skill of unicycling!

you could just be right!

While a useful skill for a lot of things, I think just basic riding and staying on is the core skill.

still stand is an important skill for trials I think… because if you can sitll stand you wont need to pre-hopbefore your big hop and the longer you can still stand the more blanace on skinny thing you will have… wel thats what i think

I don’t think there’s one core skill… but a still stand is definetly one of the most important. After developing my still stand to over 30 seconds or so, MANY things are a lot easier. Freestyle stuff, trials stuff, even muni stuff, and obviously skinnies. It’s one of those things that when you improve it, you improve in every other aspect of unicycling.


I have thought about this. It seems to be the only skill that almost all the top riders, regardless of riding style, are good at.

yeah but you can be one of the worlds top rider without having the greatest still stand… I mean it is a really good skill ot have but let’s say in trials id prefer to ahve a really high-side hop then a good still stand…

i don’t know, the still stand is imperative but i think fluently idling is the root of maneuverability and control on a uni.

trials fundemental would be hopping… you would be useless if you could still stand awesome and not be able to hop. wouldn’t you?
it is a really good thing to practice though. if you practice nothing else practice this one. like fcwegnm0b (wierd name dude) said, everything gets easier if you got a good stillstand

In my experience big sidehops are essentially useless, unlewss I feel like jumping up gigantic, flat, square surfaces. I rarely encounter interesting trials lines with hops bigger than 30", and even then a pedalgrab can, with some effort, replace a big hop.

Hopping for trials is definitely more useful than stillstands, however once you can hop 24-30", a stillstand is the next thing to develop. It’s one thing to get your tire onto a rail, it’s another thing to keep it there.