Am I too heavy for this Unicycle?

Hiya all,

I’ve been looking to get a unicycle for a while now and today I found one at a significant discount so I bought it on an impulse without much research only to realize it says it has weight limit of 143 pounds. I’m clocking in somewhere around 190-200 so is this one a lost cause? If so could you recommend a Unicycle that would fit my weight please?

This is the amazon listing for the Unicycle if that helps:

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I would just ride what you got for now. it should be OK if you ride smoothly, try not to hop, jump or ride off ledges very often and you should be fine.

If you wreck the cranks replace them with aluminum ones.

If the seatpost is thin you can trim the bottom curled in section and pound a dowel up the middle.

Also check the wheel tension. Even a cheep wheel will last a good long time if properly maintained.

If you’re learning to ride, it should be just fine. If the seat goes high enough. Don’t use it for Trials. :slight_smile:

Great! Thanks for the quick response saskatchewanian and John! I’ll be sure to keep in mind all that you said once I get a moment to try it out. I don’t plan of trying to do any tricks in the foreseeable future, just riding around town until I get a good grasp of it. :slight_smile:

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If you want to go with a cheap Chinese uni, that will work. It is how I started and it makes sense until you figure out if you are interested in the sport. I would recommend a 24" in wheel although either will work.

Agreed - the 24 would have been better for you once you get your balance and get rolling.
Saying that, I have the 20" version with the PowerCircle aluminium double skinned rim and it is fine for me at 180lbs.

I have needed to buy a few parts from UDC:
Seat and post - much stiffer / less flex than the Chinese version
Cranks - 114’s to change the gearing as I get better.
Spoke key - the wheel was creaking badly, a spoke key fixed it.

The seat is a must do recommeded change - My skills improved as soon as the UDC saddle was fitted.
You need a £5 ($8) seat post to fit the new saddle.
The cranks can come later, or invest in a 24" from Ebay, or UDC

My first cycle is the black 20" / eventually I moved up to the 24" Orange Club.
The 20" is obviously too small - the 24" fits me better

22.2mm seat post

Note, if/when you do the seat upgrade, you need the 400mm long, 22mm diameter seat post, with a decent saddle.
You will know how much longer the post needs to be once the cycle arrives.
UDC UK is a lot cheaper than the USA shop for the same parts.
$30 saddle (or £15 / $24)
$18 700mm long, 22.2mm seat post (or £6/ $10)

I would look here for the parts, then check the additional cost for overseas postage.
You have $14 to play with.
UDC Saddle
400mm Post

You may also need to pay customs…

Thanks to everyone for the helpful comments! I finally got it put together today and can’t wait to start learning, I’ll be keeping everything you’ve all said in mind!

I was doing one improvement per day - where a day = 1-hour max, in small 5-minute sessions
Day-1 = able to sit on the thing holding onto a hand rail
Day-2 = able to do 1/2 revolution holding onto a hand rail
Day-3 = able to do 1/2 revolution without holding onto a hand rail
Day-4 = able to do 1 full revolution without holding onto a hand rail
Day-5 = able to do 1 and a 1/2 revolutions
Day-5 = able to do 2 full revolutions etc

The more you practice - the quicker you will learn.
I am in no hurry, and taking my time.

The 20" is useful to practice new tricks on.
I will be keeping mine as a lightweight “grab and go” unicycle.