Am i the only one with problems?

I ordered 3 day shipping and it should have been here today but it wasnt. i ordered it on sunday so that seems like plenty of time for 3 day shipping. also they never return any of my emails. Has anyone ever had this happen?

Just wait another day, this is probably not but the postal service that has this problem. It happenned to me on most of my orders, but it always gets here:)

As for the emails, just wait a little bit again… they will answer you soon:p

Emails don’t always get answered. I have great luck when I use the phone. As stated above, shipping is a UPS or postal problem. Knock on wood, I should be getting aKH26 in the mail tomorrow.

+1 Have ALOT better luck with them on the phone rather than email. 1-800-UNICYCLE

Sometimes they drive me nuts, but I love them just the same and they really came through for me on my last order.

Email, unfortunately, is hit or miss. I sleep during the day (and I’m in Pacific TZ) so it kinda sucks for me. I actually stay up late enough to call them in the morning. But to be fair my last two emails were answered in a timely fashion. That was after about 3 unanswered emails. . . I mean unanswered at all. Not a couple of days, not a week but never. Having worked tech support I know how emails slip to far down the inbox and they fall into another parallel universe never to be retrieved short of taking the red pill.

Here is another variable, shipping time. They got two unis with upgrades out to me in one day, but a simple pair of cranks took two days (which is what they promise, 48 hours). I ordered the uni by phone and the cranks by website. Can’t say for sure if that had anything to do with taking 2 days to ship. I’m not complaining, I just care because it is 5 business days to get to California. So every added day hurts a little bit.

If you register at the web site you get an order confirmation and shipping notice with tracking number by email. If you call on the phone they will ask you if you are registered and you will still get the emails.

Calling them is the way to go. I got a nice upgrade to help solve a problem with ordering (getting an all black seat). Call, be nice to them and they come through. One time I got a guy on the phone (Josh?) and he was SUPER helpful and knew his stuff! Not always the case on the phone unfortunately. I have gotten two different answers to questions from two different people, on two different days, sigh!

They have gotten more strict on upgrades than when I ordered two years ago. Victim of growth and the times I guess. But my last order of the two unis came though exactly as ordered and went together with no problems at all. And even though it was very late in the day when I called (4:30PM their time) the lady took all the time we needed to work out every last little detail of the order.

I’m old enough to remember when there was no such supermarket for Unis and gear. And I remember when I found them on the web so many years ago. They will always rock to me for being the unicycle superstore the world was missing.

And the Nimbus brand just rocks for value per dollar. I would not own three unicycles today if I was not for the price and value of Nimbus. And now that I have ridden a fusion freeride I feel no great need to upgrade my two different Nimbus seats. In someway I like the nimbus seats better.

Now if I could just get UDC USA to have the selection of stuff that UDC UK has, or someone like Roger who watches this site and does his best to supply information (Roger you rock!) and he’s online at night while I’m awake. So added bonus.

If your read though old posts on the subject of UDC you will see that the consensus is that in the end they come through. They make the wrong right, and where they can they do what they can to hook us up.

i’ve had a few problems, waited on a seatpost for about 3-4months or so. eventually got it tho.


Nice write-up Ezas. UDC has been great in my book too. I’ve had five orders from them in the last 3 months, and no complaints on my end.

They are only about 30 or 40 minutes away from me by car,(maybe 3 hours by 36" uni, but I think I’ll drive), I need to go see their operation in person and test out the unis they have available for a demo ride… :sunglasses:

i have never had any problems (UK) the only possible problem i may have found is that they are too good.

I don’t mean to be a prick to UDC, but Bedford Unicycles is suuuuch a great company. I know that not all of you can use Bedford because of the location.
But this company simply rocks. Darren Bedford is the nicest guy, always a pleasure to talk to. Very responsive to emails, and his prices always go unmatched. Give him a ring, Bedford simply rocks. Also, shipping is never an issue. He always put orders on the top of his list, and from my experience, ships that same day.

Steve from UDC called me at work Monday. Theres an issue with your order.

I wanted the PW-3 wrench and they had JUST sold out, so would I mind the PW-5 wrench for the same price? then he stayed on the phone to answer my questions about another order I had placed the day before…

The rock in my book!

no problem at all for me.

I hate and the USPS. Sure, they have a unicycle superstore but their website really confuses me with their shipping time. I just ordered some pedals on Saturday and it’s Wednesday and I’m riding two different pedals. By the time I get them I won’t have enough free time to do much with my uni.

There have been a few threads griping about UDC but there have probably been an equal or greater amount of UDC IS AWESOME!!! threads. I have ordered from them twice (US) and had a few issues, they resolved them and overall I would say that it was a positive experience. I have since dealt with (Canadian UDC) and Bedford and so far have only good things to say about them.

The unicyclist community is so small and connected that companies really can’t get away with poor service.

Matt: why would you order pedals from UDC? I am sure going to a bike shop would be much faster and easier. You should probably change your location in your profile to your state or county instead of your street address. This is the interwebs. Ya got to be careful you-know.

Orders over the weekend get processed on Monday, and if you went USPS it’s like 4 days shipping… I’m betting thursday / friday at the earliest if USPS doesnt hold them for a few days…
ALWAYS go UPS! I got my stuff a day early… And Sas is right, go to the LBS to buy pedals if your in that much of a hurry…

PS. change your location like sas suggested… LOL

UDC gets two thumbs up from me

I’ve had only positive experiences with UDC. I bought my first new unicycle from them, a 26" Nimbus muni, and have loved every moment of riding it over the past 1+ year. The quality is outstanding, and the performance is great for the price.

Later I bought a 24" freestyle uni for learning new skills. When I inflated the tube/tire (relatively slowly and carefully), it popped off the rim and blew a hole in the tube. The blowout was most likely due to some warping in the tire’s bead that might have occurred during shipping. In any case, I emailed UDC explaining what happened. Within a reasonable time, I received a reply asking me to call them at my convenience, which I did. Josh at UDC suggested that I try to inflate with a different tube (which I had done already) to make sure the tire was ok; otherwise, he’d ship out a new one. A few days later, I decided the tire was definitely holding up fine (it has for six months now), so I let Josh know, and he sent out a new 24" tube. Other than this initial issue, I’ve once again been impressed by the quality of the Nimbus line of unis. And I was obviously impressed by UDC’s customer service.

Once again tomorrow, I’m making a trip to graceland!! (’s store)

once again, I called ahead, and they’re going to fit me up for a new nimbus X. . . not sure what frame size to get, or if I need to get one cut down just perfect for me.

This will be my second uni from them. I can’t say I’ve had any complaints yet. : ) they’ve gone above and beyond for me multiple times. It does help to be able to go and meet them in person though, I can imagine having a problem in california is frustrating to get resolved.

oh well : D I’ve been waiting on this uni for over a month!! waiting to sell my road bike. Now I’m not going to be able to sleeeep and I have a test tomorrow n.n’ going up to the store right after that.

New unicycle days are always exciting O:-)

Ordered some stuff from UDC UK on Tuesday and it arrived yesterday. Not bad at all speed-wise considering I was tight and got the cheapest postage possible!

Really good service and exactly what I ordered as always - I know it’s a different team to UDC in the US but I thought it was worth a mention :slight_smile: