Am I sitting right?

OK. This may actually seem like a silly statement to some of you but I’m not
sure if I’m sitting correctly on my UniCycle and being a bit of a novice I need
some advice.

I only got mine last year and it’s got a gently concave saddle on it. Here comes
another work of art: .–. .–. \ ‘’’’’’’’’’’’’ / ‘’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’
| |
| |
It looks vaguely like that although the angles are much shallower.

My problem is that when I got my unicycle last year I didn’t get any expert
advice on how to get going - I just got on tried to teach myself. I found that
the only way I could do it was to grip the saddle with my thighs in order to
help facilitate turns etc.

Is this the right sort of technique to use or is it totally wrong?