Am I seeing double?!

The courier delivered us two boxes yesterday, which we were very surprised by, considering that we thought they mightn’t arrive by today. My brother was still at school (I’m on exam study leave) so I got all the tools and camera set up and waited about half an hour so that we could open them together. It was so exciting, they’re like mail-order brides, only more attractive and less dodgey.

I guess I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves…

Mine’s got the purple pedals and he’s got the orange saddle and pedals. The purple doesn’t look that great in the photos, but in real life it’s amazing. So edible! What do you think?

They’re really nice to ride and super light. We might need to cut a little bit of the seat-tube each, but not much. I must say though, I do prefer the old KH 36-spline tubular cranks for anything involving standing on them. I can see why people would want rollo-discs on moments.

So… A massive thanks to Kris Holm for being the man and to Tony and the guys at UDC NZ for sending us our unis so quickly (but Tony, I’ll have to speak to you about sending me a Nimbus seatclamp :stuck_out_tongue: luckily the single-bolt one I ordered of Torpedo-7 arrived on the same day!)


Mmmmm very nice :smiley:

I can taste the excitment. Finally you guys have good unis haha.

awesome uni’s guys.
i love the feeling of getting
something new for my uni.


cant wait for your next video (Y)

nice looking unis.

Your brother should get some orange tape and put it on his rim strip for some sweet color coordinating.

Thanks guys, glad you like 'em.

Chris: Our old unis are amazing! Josh’s Nimbus/DX is an indestructable beast, and my Nimbus/KH was actually a really good uni for me. They served us well.

Andrew: There’s just nothing like the excitement of sitting by the window waiting for the courier van eh :stuck_out_tongue: We’re planning on making a new film over these holidays so keep an eye out in a month or two!

Saskatchewanian: Yea that’s the plan, and I’ll do mine purple. He wanted to get an orange seatclamp too but unfortunately UDC NZ won’t have them in stock till sometime next year, and we weren’t going to wait that long! I put purple duro-seal (the sticky stuff for covering little kids school books) on my new clamp to match my pedals. I’m thinking I’ll probably eventually strip the paint off my frame or paint it gunmetal grey in the long run for a nicer contrast with the purple

  • Matt

I just had the same excitement as you guys with the delivery of a double crown KH20. Nice, simple, black seat and regular black pedals.

I just got my kh20 and i dont want to ride it. It looks to good and i dont want to scratch it.:slight_smile: So i feel ya !

those are pretty cool unis.
now to break them in!

:sunglasses: Sweet rides that makes 5 people i know of in nz with longnecks

Cheers Emile. Yea I reckon the orange and blue combo is really nice. And now he’s got the only orange KH saddle in New Zealand! (To the best of my knowledge)

Wow sounds sweet! I reckon the simple blue and black is classy, but I just couldn’t resist the purple pedals :stuck_out_tongue: How do you find the double crown? Feel free to post pics on this thread if you want. After all, seeing doubledouble crown.

Haha I know the feeling! That’s the problem with getting a brand new uni. The first scratch is always like ooohhh…

No they’re no for riding! They’re far too precious for that :roll_eyes:

Haha yea, pretty good fleet of them eh. Damn, imagine if I was going to Parachute too… KH longneck fest 09!

HAHA good call. me, chris, mike, you lol. good times.

And josh :p.

(gotta have someone in the group repping west)

How could you forget Joe :astonished:

Hahahaha I actually lolled so hard. Ghetto as eh :sunglasses:

Joe wouldn’t be going to Parachute though would he? Josh’ll be there, most likely with his uni I guess, seeing as all you guys will be

Yeah, Josh ment people going to parachute. But I don’t think I can make it :frowning:

What’s your excuse?


Pfft nerdy science forum beats money as an excuse anyday. Just sneak in as an under 12, it’s free. At least I think it’s 12.

Traveling down would cost the most. Plus its going to be around an extremely busy time of the year for me.

Plus you are just too lazy to bother :stuck_out_tongue: