am i likely to break a nimbus trials?

Most definately. It was very hard for me to write like that.

It violates the very essence of the writer’s soul. It breaks his heart, but in a different way then a Nimbus trials would be broken.

So… The general consensus seems to be, “Get the Nimbus trials with KH moment cranks”?

I’m getting into street and trials riding, so I’m looking to buy a new uni that will last for a long time and stand up to a lot of abuse (large drops, stair sets, etc). I don’t want to buy a uni that will work fine for my current (low) skill level, but which will start to break when I improve enough to do serious street/trials riding.

I’ve been looking at two unicycles on (Canada). There’s the Nimbus trials with ISIS hub and KH moment cranks, or the 2009 Kris Holm trials unicycle. The Nimbus is around $400 with the KH cranks, and the KH is around $700 (Canadian). I would prefer to spend more and have a strong unicycle that will last for a long time rather than trying to save money by buying something that will break when I improve. The write-up on the Nimbus says, “a great entry level trials unicycle”, which worries me.

So, how much of a difference does $300 make?

the kh is much lighter. dont be fooled by entry cycle though. like I said, I have 2 nimbus, 1 36 spoke and 1 48 spoke and they have performed wonderfully…just as good if not better than my kh 07, which is LONG dead, rim, frame…everyting basically lol. I have to do more wheel maint. on the 36 spoke than the 48…the 48 is amazingly solid. I actually just ordered my 3rd nimbus 20, which is also a 48 spoke. I don’t know if ill even ever go back to kh since nimbus is also isis now…and basically for the price of 1 kh I can have 2 nimbus :). also keep in mind i weigh 175 and ALL I do is hops and drops…nothing else really.

nimbus will not fail. you will be happy with a nimbus.

lol…i sound like a nimbus advertiser

i doubt uld break it as everyone said get moments though

oddly enuough im listening to Hypocrites by Korn as i am typing this :roll_eyes:

oh and just to throw some input into this thread as it is here for that purpose i dont think a nimbus trials could be broken easy but im not hard on a unicycle heres a short story of my nimbus trials

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