am i likely to break a nimbus trials?

title says it all really, im 11 stone (70kg) and 6ft 2, i will end up doing mid range trials, probably nothing more than 100cm up (i know it will take forever :D) but for some reason im really into gapping and skinny riding at the minute
will it break on me? should i get it with the kh cranks ventures or the lightweight aluminium ones? bearing in mind id have to save up for 2 more months to get the KH cranks too :stuck_out_tongue:

no, you won’t break.
kh cranks and you’re good.

with kh cranks no. Its probably stronger than a full kh.

THe seatpost is the likeliest place to break, but get a £9 crmo post and that problem just went, as for the seat, well when it does - go carbon.

at 14 - wow your a heavy 14yr old. Your heavier than me! no offense, your taller than me too to be fair

lol its not that heavy, im 14, 6 ft 2 and also nearly 11 stone, height weighs alot!

your tall. I am 4’8’’ But I’m younger than you I guess… But your still tall.
PS simonb is right The order of wheight is:
1: Height
2: Muscle
3: Fat

lol dont get offended, i was just going to mention that at 14 your probably not that heavy so wont break it as easily as a fully grown man, but then realised your heavier than me :wink:

But the nimbus trials with moments is probably the best deal going round. If you want something abit more stylish but a little weaker (rim especially) look for the koxx devil, its around the same price range i believe.

:smiley: i’ve always been tall (and heavy) for my age, but im not particularly fat at the minute, maybe slightly podgy though :stuck_out_tongue:
thanks for the tips guys, im going to get the nimbus with KH cranks, i’ll get a CrMo seatpost aswell when i buy it as from UDC the price is the same :smiley:

lol i always was podgy, but then i slimmed out and got muscly legs, weight really is a bad way to determine if your fat or not

i’m 6’2, 80 kg and I have 2 20" nimbus. i have done a minimum of a thousand hops and many drops and they are still perfect. one has 125mm the other 137mm cranks. kh cranks.

btw KH moment cranks are really sturdy.

Get a cromo post and kh cranks and the only thing you are likely to brake in sometime is the saddle base, then you go for a cf…

I was just going to say that this thread flies in the face of many loved and cherished spelling rules.

Shape up guys, come on!

Sorry for the interruption.

yeah let’s also not forget that if your grammar is not 100% perfect, it will increase the chances of your nimbus trials breaking.

Coming from a person who does not know how to use his capital letters correctly? Capitals at the begining, and for names. Nimbus is a name.

Yes, DSchmitt’s opinion is invalid because he does not have perfect grammar on an internet message board. The horror.

hahah, my comment was obviously sarcasm and not an attack on anyones grammar. I can care less about anyones grammar…and I don’t try to be perfect myself, lol.

by the way, it’s spelled beginning, and that’s and incomplete sentence :wink:

You are all a bunch of hippocrites.


so ifi were to ride like this youcould care less evben if i diinot put properspacing between words and centences?

nope, i can still read it :slight_smile: i’d rather convert the energy it takes typing your corrections into unicycling energy

but im sure other people would care, so i wouldnt recommend doing that :slight_smile: