am i gonna kill my wheel?

I got a unicycle almost a month ago and just riding isnt much of a challenge anymore, i have started trying to ride makeshift paths and such down small hills and bumps and such, but i am worried about my wheel.

at what point should i be needing a muni or trials wheel/tire?

what kind of a unicycle are you on now?

I’m not entirely sure. on the receipt it sais:

20" unicycles

so I’m guessing its a 20" lambert but other than that I don’t know

hmm well it actaully depends wut u r doing dont get a trials if u r going downhill… and if you are going extreme downhill well soon you are gona notice problems on your uni thne you change

20" wheels are stong anyway.
You’ll probably be fine for most anything, though you may have to replace your cranks at some point. Certainly bumps and rough terrain will be no problem.
You might wanna get a new one before going off drops over 10 inches or so.

Genreally the trend is to ride your beginner uni until it is damaged beyond being able to be ridden, usually the cranks bend/rip off, then get e uni that suits whatever you do most of. It;s hops and drops that really kill them, just riding over rough ground and downhill shoudl be fine, i used to do it on my 20" Pashley with cottered cranks and never had any problems.

Hey, where in Ottawa do you live? Do you ever ride downtown? I’m out every couple of days, so if you want to go riding, let me know.

i tend to ride around merivale high school and algonquin. i only got it like 3 weeks ago and going downtown is kinda pointless cause i cant hop higher than like two inchs.

u wont kill ur wheel

If you’re looking for help or company with unicycling, there’s a uni/juggling club near Bayshore. They have around 20 unicycles of all sorts that you can play around on. I don’t go very often, but it would probably be really useful for you.

Check this link out, if you are interested:

awesome thanks. i was wondering whether or not they had a website but i couldnt find anything. do you happen to know much about what they do there? is it mostly juggling or mostly unicycling or a mix of the two?

It’s a mix of the two. The guys that run it (Carl (father), Karl (son), and Thomas (son)) have a little company that does juggling shows, so they practice their routines and stuff, but take breaks to unicycle and stuff. It’s close to 50/50. You can do whatever you want though. They are always there to help no matter what they or you are doing. There are often about 5 other people there, from young kids to middle-aged men, learning to unicycle and stuff. Don’t hesitate to show up. Carl as always extremely welcoming to everyone who shows up. If i didn’t have to take a 45-minute bus ride to get there, i’d go a lot more often.

I highly recommend that you go, at least a few times. It helped me out a lot when i was learning, and it’s always fun to mess around with the wide variety of unicycles and juggling equipment that they have. They are all really nice people too.

BTW, Carl is the organizer for the ‘unicyclist float’ in the Ottawa parades. If you can free mount and want to be in the upcoming Santa Claus parade, let him know. All are welcome.

Your wheel is probably the least of your worries. The first thing that will probably happen is that your hub will bend, or at least the little bits where the cranks attach. This is due to improper landing of drops, but also because the hub isn’t designed to cope with these drops. Ofcourse, by this time, most riders will have gotten a new unicycle, but what I did was first replace the hub with a Suzue one. Not long after that, I got a nice little bend in my rim that I never really got out. Now my little brother managed to completly ruin his rim, and entire wheel by jumping off some stairs, resulting in his rim bending ninety degrees, just below the hub. Now we’re both riding on 2005 models of the Qu-ax 20" trials bike, and so far, so good! Only thing we have had to replace were the tires (They were beginning to wear, and when it’s slightly wet, we were losing grip).

Qu-ax bike?

hey hecklar where you at OUI05 ? because i was there too

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Yeah, kapoute, i was at OUI’05. Are you one of the 2 French guys who beat me in the beginner long jump? I remember hearing your name a pile of times. I just can’t match the name to a face right now.

yeah my question was answered a long time ago, now its nice to hear about other unicyclers in the ottawa area

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oh cool ! you heard my name a few times. But i wasnt in the beginner class for the long jump… I was in sport class for high jump and long jump but after finishing last in both, I switched to beginner class. And if you saw the guy bailing in the stairs during the trial comp, well, it was me. But sunday I finished first in the muni race… I hope you can match a face to my name now

anyway what your name?

here is a pic of me with brian Mackenzie filming. Small pic :frowning:

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