am i coming to your town?

i will be going on this tour starting in january:

here are the dates and towns:

Jan 18-20 : New Mexico
Jan 23-24: Houston
Jan 27-29 Gainesville, FL
Jan 31-Feb 3: Ashville, NC
Feb 4-6 Charlottesville, NC
Feb 7-9 Williamsburg/Richmond, Virginia
Feb 10/11: Philadelphia
Feb 12-15 Godstow
Feb 16-Mar 4 NYC
March 5-7 Godstow
Mar 8/9 Godstow
Mar 10: Northampton, MA
Mar 11-13: Boston
Mar 14 -17 Toronto
Mar 18-21 Detroit
Mar 22-23 Madison
Mar 24-28 Chicago
Mar 31-Apr 1: Colorado Springs/Denver
Apr 2-4 Boulder
April 6-7 Sun Valley, Idaho
April 9-12 Seattle
April 13-20 Vancouver
April 21 Portland
April 23-25 Santa Cruz
April 27-28 SF /Marin
April 29/30 Santa Barbara
May 1-5 Los Angeles
May 6-7 Phoenix
May 8-10 Tucson

i don’t really care to explain everything about why i am going on this tour and what it is because all the information is on that site and i don’t want to type out a long explanation. i’m lazy. but i would be happy to answer questions that don’t lead into one long explanation.

so basically, i’m going on this tour to help out and stuff. but i won’t be busy all the time, and i want to use this as an opportunity to finish up my unicycling film that i’ve talked about previously. i’m not going to unicycle and film with everybody but if i’m coming to your town and you’re interested in being in the film then post here and i’ll see about how long i’ll be in your town and stuff.

the only downside is, i don’t have a ride anywhere. so i would have to be picked up and dropped off. it’s not so inviting then i guess, you have to pick me up so i can film you for my video. but if you’re interested then it would be cool. this is a general post for people, others that i know i want to see, or don’t know me very well or at all and i have to have someone refer me to them, i will be emailing or like i said have someone else email them for me. :smiley:

i guess this is a weird situation to posit to you, but i’ve talked to some people and they were interested. and nathan hoover said he would try and hook me up with some riders :smiley: . feedback is appreciated.

(if you don’t already know about my video plans, i’ve been filming stuff for a trials/muni/freestyle unicycling video. i hope to finish it at the end of this tour if i meet up with enough riders i can film with. i’m not that good, but i’ve filmed some people that are like dan heaton, ryan atkins, ben plotkin-swing, joey cohn, david poznanter, bruce bundy, and scott bond. my point is it’s more attractive if i tell you about it this way so you’ll want to be in a video that includes these great riders. :wink: )

  • zach

oh by the way, if you haven’t caught on already, this is me asking all of you for a favor. i have no shame. but at least the video will be free + the price of shipping. so at least your helping me help the community… like i said, no shame. :smiley:

  • zach

where is charlottesville, NC??? i’ve lived in NC all my life and i’ve never come across it. There is a charlottesville, VA, but i get the distinct feeling that you meant Charlotte, NC?

If you are, in fact, in charlotte, NC, I will be more than willing to ride. and if not, Asheville isn’t that far away. (of course this all depends on when you’re there.)

I just finished downloading that trailer of yours…that’s amazing! You’re an unbelievably good rider. How high was that hop that you did around the middle of the video somewhere? Will you be shipping to Australia (if I pay for shipping and a little bit more for the effort)? I need a copy of the final movie.

I’m making a movie myself over the next three or more months of holidays. Any tips? What did you use to edit that trailer?


I’m in London, 1.5 hours from Toronto. Feel free to contact me by reply, PM, or email.


Rock on man, what an awesome opportunity! That tour looks really cool.

Virginia is the stomping grounds of the Hell on Wheel gang. Though we’re probably not Ben Plotkin-Swing caliber, some of the members have really been challenging themselves lately. We should have a new video up in the gallery pretty soon.

In case you DID mean Charlottesville, VA, I’m definately up for a ride. The core of the gang is in Richmond, which is about 1 hour east of Charlottesville. Williamsburg is about 1 hour east of Richmond. We’ve also got a member in DC (your site mentioned the DC area) which is about 1.5 hours north of Richmond.

If nothing else, we can show you some awesome places to ride.

Not sure if this was already in your plans, but you’ll only be about 3 hours from Motorama (huge bike trials event) on Feb. 21-22. I think they’re expecting at least a dozen unicyclists this year. You could ask Joe Merrill (who should definately be in your video!) for a ride from NYC.

very envious,

Hey man, if you are coming to C-ville, VA, and you (and your carpool) need a place to stay, I’ve got a guest room, two couches, and an empty room (plenty of floor space).


To zach,

You said you will be coming to Seattle Washington in April from the 9th through the 12th. I live about 30 minutes from Seattle. I would love to be in your video, even though I’m not as good as Ryan Atkins and Dan Heaton, it would be a real fun experience. I know of some good places to do some trials around Seattle.


wow! i wasn’t sure how this was going to turn out but i appreciate all of your responses.

hopeful: that is most likely charlottesville virginia, but you may be right. i thought we were going to be in richmond too, but those places seem kind of “iffy” so i might just be calling people up when these things start actually happening because for now i just get what they send to me.

andrew: thanks but no thanks. you’re definitely talking about some of the other guys in the video. i’m the one with the kh20, my only unicycle, and not the guy with the summit. kind of hard to tell which is which on the tiny screen, but i’m the tall skinny one. the high jump off the ground is the one and only ryan atkins!!!, taken from my 2003 ca muni weekend footage. i will definitely be shipping to australia, and anywhere, the shipping prices just will be more. for the trailer i used imovie because for now it’s all i got, but the real trailer and the movie will be edited on final cut pro. my uncle is a busy guy but since i’ll be in NYC i’m finally going to make him make me a copy. i try not to work on serious projects on a program like imovie.

my tips:

  • film more footage then you think you need, including weird stuff you can throw in
  • make sure you have some things you want to film, and be able to do them. i did not know the meaning of the word practice when i started this film over half a year ago (which most of this footage is from).

that’s all i guess. just have fun, and thanks for the feedback on the “fake” trailer. i’ll have a real one in the end to make everybody really want to order the film. :slight_smile:

frank: if you are the right guy, maybe it’s somebody else you know, i talk to your brother trip on aim. like i said, i’m not sure if these dates are 100% accurate. before we were going to be in richmond, now charlottesville, don’t really know for sure. but i can call you guys when we are in the south east because when i’m with all of these guys they’ll know. thanks for the info about those riders/events, i’ll look into that. also, room would be a HUGE favor that would be really great. i’ll be with one person that i know of. details later.

sabin: this sounds great. i’ve ridden with dan before, and i’ve been meaning to email him recently anyway so i’ll ask him and if he’s into it maybe we could all ride.

to everybody: email me at i guess with some information like telephone # and address, and i’ll take it all down so i can keep you updated. this was meant for everybody out there, like i said i’ll be contacting many by way of email or by way of nathan. in the end i’ll probably have a list then, so either we can work out the details now or when i am near where you live.


  • zach

somehow i neglected sofa. now i feel bad… if you want to make the drive then sure i’d love to ride/film, especially in clown costume. but there’s no way i could drive or get a ride anywhere, sorry.

  • zach

No problem, unicyclists help each other out like that. “WINK WINK…I think there’s something in my eye…WINK WINK WINK”

Hey, I’d love to go riding with you. San Francisco has some great public transportation systems, so you could really go anywhere. The Embarcaderro has some great trials stuff. Also Maring has some pretty good muni.


Edit: Also, you could probably talk to mike (uniboros) about riding with him, too. He’s in Oakland.

Oh okay, but still you do some really good stuff in there yourself. I’d love a copy. I’ll swap you for one of mine (when it’s finished) if you want. I’ve got a whole bunch of goals that are currently beyond my ability for the video.

What sort of camera are you using?


sounds good bevan, do you have mike’s email? maybe we could all go film some trials stuff. email me with your phone/address.

andrew, i was using a standard VHSC camcorder, and now i’m using a canon digital video camera. if you watch the trailer again you’ll probably be able to tell the difference between the different types of footage.

I thought this thread could use a bumpity bump. So: bump.

There is a unicycling group in Santa Barbara.

I met Zach in NYC. He’s a really great guy and an excellent trials unicyclist. Hook up with him if you can. If you email him, be patient – I don’t think he gets a chance to check his email very often on the road.

Re: am i coming to your town?

I don’t necessarily want to be in a video; however, I am also visiting Vancouver (the 16th to the 25th) and was looking for some people to ride with up there… there were a couple of people I was going to ride with, but that may not happen… but if you would want to get together for a ride, that would be cool…

zach has not been online in a long time, i think you will have to email him to get a responce

Thanks… I just sent him an email.