Am I circus idling ?

What idle am I doing ?

I have dominant foot on lower pedal, and idle with my other foot
mostly so that cranks go to horizontal positions - forwards /
backwards. I assume this is a ‘normal’ idle, though anything to do
with unicycling is hardly normal ;-).

I have heard of circus idling - what is the difference ?


Tony (Nottingham , England)

You are doing a ‘normal’ idle. A circus idle is where the mid-point of the idle is with the cranks horizontal. Generally when doing a circus idle the cranks hardly move at all, only ten degrees or so.

Re: Am I circus idling ?

the result of the limited movement of the cranks is that your position remains even more static than it does with a normal idle
this (i’m told) provides the greater stability for passing higher numbers of clubs (7 and up) between two idling unicyclists where the accuracy of the throws start playing a more important role in the success of the passing pattern

i think this is were the ‘circus idle’ name came from

btw. does anyone know the record for passing clubs between two idling unicyclists?
numbers and passes?

Hmm. Those of us here in newsgroup-land, and the “unicycle rules nerds,” don’t know or use this term. I’m not familiar with the “circus idling” name.

We are of course familar with the move. I first learned it from Larry Steele, manager of the former World Wheelers Unicycle Basketball Team. He said this was a good way to stay in one place while being ready to take off at a moments’ notice. It also works well for juggling–especially pass juggling, so you don’t get caught with a difficult throw or catch while your feet are in a bad position. Your feet pretty much stay in one place.

I think the “rules nerds” would call it Horizontal Idling. In Standard Skill, the closest thing to it would be Twisting, though this is not the same:
Twisting is not supposed to involve any forward or backward wheel rotation. But it looks similar.

I’ve heard the name horizontal idling used more than circus idling. When I think of circus idling, I picture a performer who is generally going for maximum visual on his movements. Long cranks, and an exaggerated idle to make it look harder or less stable. Obviously this applies more to a comedy-style act, and not to a high-end juggling act. But how often do you see high-end juggling, on unicycles, in the circus?

Re: Am I circus idling ?

“GILD” <> wrote in message
> btw. does anyone know the record for passing clubs between two idling
> unicyclists?
> numbers and passes?

I don’t think the juggle orgs groups have official records other than pure
juggling any longer.

I did run across this info from a source that was over 8 years old. Shows
time only, not number of passes.

Juggling while…
----------- Unicycle ----------
Idling, 20" Wheel Rhonda Tyson 9/4/90 21:48 PUJC
Bouncing on 20" Wheel Unicycle Steve Bell 12/13/90 3:02 PUJC
Riding 20" Unicycle with one foot Steve Bell 6/5/92 60 rev. PUJC
3 Balls Idling on Unicycle Steve Bell 5/23/90 7:00 PUJC
3 Club, Idling Steve Bell 11/8/90 7:03 PUJC
3 Club, Idling, Left Foot Only Steve Bell 11/20/90 5:01 PUJC
3 Clubs Idling on Giraffe Steve Bell 11/13/90 10:10 PUJC
5 Balls While Idling on Uni Ed Carstens 2/26/92 44c. UMR
1 Ball, 1 Ring, 1 Club Cascade
While Idling on Giraffe Steve Bell 4/11/91 2:48 PUJC
6 Club Every Oth. Brian on Uni Brian Fahs
Chris Long 12/08/91 2:28 VTJ
7 Club Doubles One Person on Uni Russ Peters
George Strain 10/15/91 1:56 AJA
6 Club Passing 4 Count Andy Ford
Both Idling on Uni’s George Strain 2/04/92 3:00 AJA
6 Club Passing 2 Count Andy Ford
Both Idling on Uni’s George Strain 2/04/92 3:00 AJA
6 Club Passing 4 Count, one on Steve Bell
Giraffe and one on Standard Shidan Habibi 12/17/91 2:47 PUJC
Giraffe Unicycle Balanced on chin Kieran Mead-Ward 2/2/92 2:30 MIT

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