Am I Behind??

I’ve been unicycling for about 2.5 months now, and I am a level 3.5, I was wondering how fast other people progressed, I am starting to work on trials skills a little bit, not too much freestyle but a little muni… anyways, with the trials I can only hop about 8 inches with the seat in, I can’t hop seat out yet but I can ride for a couple meters with seat in front, so I was wondering how high people can hop seat in, and what level they were at when they had been unicycling for the same amount of time as I have.

Ive been unicycling for about 3-4 months and i ride freestyle and trials. For trials i can hop seat in about 12 inches and gap 38" (sideways). With seat out and i can hop about 15" or so and gap about 33" (sideways). I practice freestyle alot more and i am a level 6 (minus the spin) and i can do other stuff like gliding, coasting, seat drags (cant get it back up yet), unispins, crank idling, seat drops, and 1 foot seat in front.

I practice alot though.:slight_smile:

i was in pretty much the same situation unign, except i was level 4 after about 2 months
but my hop height was 8-12 inches
i’m more into muni now, but i’ve been riding 7 months now
i’m still level not quite level 5, but i don’t care, i just enjoy riding,
i can only hop 15 inches on my muni, if i had a trials of my own i could prbly do 20" seat in, i can only do 5" seat out

I’ve been riding 18 years and I am level 0. I can just about hop on the spot.

I’ve been riding about 1.5 months and i’m almost a level 3, figure 8’s are a bit shonky, and my uni is so short i nearly knee myself in the head when i try to ride stomach on seat.

i can hop maybe 2inches:p

At 50, my development is slow. This year I’ve learned to hop (seat in, 6 inches high, gap about 10 inches), ride backward (not much over 20 feet), and idle.

Riding up a small hill and turning sidway to hop up the last steep bit is easy enough, but I don’t have a practical skill for rock climbing yet.

The skill I’m shooting for this year is to be able to ride up to a 6 inch curb and hop up it. I’ve just learned to hop up a 4" curb easily. I’d like to be able to forward gap up a 6 inch curb, but am beginning to see that as a tricky (dangerous) maneuver. Probably stick with improving my side hop up technique since I feel I have better control.

It’s been too hot in NY all summer. It hasn’t stopped me from riding daily, but I’m beginning to look forward to winter to get some good riding in.

I’ve been riding for about 6 years, I’m a level 3, and I can hop about one foot seat in.
I don’t practice freestyle much. If I did, I’m sure I’d be a lot higher on the level list.
I just like riding, though. Just plain, basic, forward riding, about 10 miles a day. Doesn’t help me get better at backwards one foot wheel walking in a figure eight, but to me, it’s more fun.
One of these days, I’ll actually get a freestyle uni and learn some more stuff.

Basically, I’m just saying, don’t think of youself as behind. There is no behind, unless you’re actually competing against someone to reach level 10. Have fun, and do what you find is fun. And, don’t worry about doing the levels in order, either. Just do what’s fun and don’t worry!:slight_smile:

i dont do freestyle but i do street and trials i learned to hop about a stairs hight in a day grind in a day and pretty soon i will be at about 2 stairs hight


Dont evne worry about those lvls men they mean nothing to me anyways I can 180 5’s and stuff like taht but I think ima like lvl 6 so it dosnet rlly mean how good you are

I think 11 is the only really meaningful level. You ain’t really done it 'til you’re an eleven.

Or did I get that backwards? :-0

I have been riding for a year and 7 months. I do a little trials and hardly any freestyle (just somethings i think are cool). I can hop seat in about 21" and gap 5 feet. I have no idea what level i am and i dont really care.

we are all behind.

At O.U.I. Trials comp:

Static seat in long jump: 62 inches
Seat in highjump: 56 Centimeters

Two years of riding (one year of riding trials.)

I’m slow. Actually, according to Klaas Bill’s learning calculator thingy, that you’ll find on his site, I am in the bottom 4% for speed of learning.
I’m nearly 40 & I’m a chicken.
But I don’t consider myself in competition with anyone else. I have no sense of balance and am incredibly clumsy. It is almost a miracle that I can unicycle at all.
I’m just enjoying it.


What was the month to month skills progression for Ryan “Smiley” Woessner? He managed to get up to level ten in short order and flew through the lower levels in almost no time. By Ryan’s standard everyone else in the world is behind. :wink:

It took me more than 15 years before I learned to do more than just freemount, ride around, and idle. :slight_smile:

A little late… but to answer John’s question of when Ryan Woessner passed each skill level:

1 - 12/06/99
2 - 12/15/99
3 - 01/10/00
4 - 02/21/00
5 - 03/13/00
6 - 04/24/00
7 - 05/08/00
8 - 11/28/00
9 - 04/24/01
10 - 11/13/01

Ryan started unicycling the week ending 12/3/99 (I think it was Friday, 12/3). As you can see, he passed over one level per month for the first 7. Then the next levels took about 6 months each. Amazing what can be accomplished!

TCUC President

Well I’m glad to hear I still have a 10 year cushion on that idling thing… :slight_smile:

Back to the original question, though. You get good at what you focus on and decide to get good at. If your goal is to advance through the levels, it seems like you’re doing pretty well for the time you’ve been riding. Level 6 after 3-4 months is impressive. I’m not even close to that after 5 years, although learning the level skills has not been my priority.

yea lvls dont meananything really beside the factyou can tell some one that will underdstand just have fun.
its not like you could tell some one on the street hey im a lvl 10 there going to ask you if you smoke crack


I got the same level as you (3.5) in the first 6 months maybe. I didn’t have nor the one foot riding neither seat out ridings. I had been only practicing normal and backward riding during maybe 3 years then, but only once a month.
I came back to a regular practice 6 months ago and in 3 days i got the one foot riding, this thing motivated me a lot! I started some street/trials and i broke my freesyle uni : seat bumpers, seat post , spokes/rim, crank. I bought and brand new Qu-ax trial and improved a lot my trial skills with that.
I have got levels 4, 5 and 6 so far and i am about to glide.

My progression has been quite unregular maybe because i was quite a lonesome rider and i didn’t look for any information on the internet (but the list of levels!). I think this levels thing might have made me loose my motivation to work freestyle. When i faced the “difficulty” of level 4 tricks i have be discouraged. Hopefully, recently having found a bunch of videos on the internet and read newsgroups showed me it was possible, and i have so much fun now.

Thanks to the international unicyclist community.


It depends on how interested you are in unicycling. It took me about 2 years to be a level 2 (unicycling on and off every couple of months or so), but after I found out what you could do on a unicycle, I became a level 4 in about a month.