“AM/FM” is my new acronym for “All Mountain/Freeride MUni”. (Mountain Unicycling) :thumbsup:

Joey Neigh (joejumps4fun) flew in to LA on New Year’s Eve, all the way from Virginia to interview me and to get footage for his Unicycling Documentary that he’s been working on. I consider it a real honor to be part of it. He plans on submitting it to Sundance later this year.

Today my first real return to MUni after two weeks due to really bad food poisoning, so my riding’s a little rusty, haha. Today was also our first day to get some MUni footage for his doc, but what you see in this video was shot on my camera, since what Joey filmed (shot on a real high def camera) won’t be edited until he gets back home. We got some fun comments too.

This video is in memory of my dad, who passed away
2 days before Christmas at the age of 89.

Cool. You just inspired me to get out there and…
snowblow the driveway.

Maybe I’ll snowblow a track around the house too and ride a few laps.
I’ve never longed for spring so early in winter. I’m not sure I’m going to make it!!!

Looked like fun Terry. Stay young!

Awesome once again… sorry to hear about your dad buddy :frowning:

I still don’t believe you’re going to be 54, unless you sold your soul to the devil for some sick Muni skills… hmmmm

What do you do for a living? :smiley:

Just got in from doing my laps! It’s 12 degrees Fahrenheit out (-11 C). Brrr! Not particularly exciting, but it got my heart pumping and muscles working. My fingers were frozen after snowblowing, then when I rode my heart got pumping and my fingers thawed. It’s crazy how much that hurts!

Anyway… thanks for the inspiration!

I’m sorry to hear about your father. :frowning: I hope he died quietly.

Nice AM/FM video! I really liked how surprised the two women was when you told them your age. :stuck_out_tongue:

Terry, please accept my condolences on the loss of your father.

Terry … I know your Dad rolled to the “other side of life” with verve and élan.
Terrific tribute.

Oh man… I didn’t notice the dedication until now. :o Sorry for your loss Terry.

Snow MUni yeah! I did that once and it was really fun! But I know the weather can be rough on the east coast, my sister lives in NY and had to postpone flying out due to being snowed in.

Thanks. I’m a piano tuner and do some repairs and restorations as well. Fun work. :smiley:

Thanks Sigurd. Yes, he did pass away very peacefully, and I am grateful for that.

And yeah, those ladies sure made my day, even though she probably really meant 20 in “dog years”, haha! :smiley:

Thanks Ally.

Thanks Sean, I know he did!

Hey no at all problem Buzz, and thanks. Hope you and all will have the best New Year ever! :slight_smile:

Condolences to you on the loss of your Dad.

Thanks Johnny. :slight_smile:

A fine tribute to your dad Terry. Sorry for your loss.

Thank you. :slight_smile:

a nice song and video to dedicate to your dad. Not like the Walmart one :slight_smile:

your camera isnt high def enough? What does Joey use?

Re am/fm acronym
Its redundent to say all mountain and muni. Simply freeride unicycling (fu) is enough.

The camera I used was my tiny sony P&S w-290. It shoots video in 1280x720 HD, but yea, isn’t as good as a dedicated HD camcorder. Joey used his Canon HV30-the very same camera I have, but left at home that day. He set up the interview yesterday in my house, and we had 3 HV30’s going!

And I used the “AM/FM” acronym so I could have it also have the double meaning. And some people might take “FU” as an expletive, haha. :stuck_out_tongue: