Always fall on the same side

I’ve noticed that whenever I fall I always fall on my RIGHT knee and the bar ends of my wheels are always beat on the right side while the left side stays abrasion free.

I’m pretty confident that I could get away with wearing only a right knee pad without risky bodily harm.

The kneepads and bar ends on the right side are constently beat up. The left sides are scratch free.

Has anyone else noticed a favorite side to fall on?

My freemounting is always right foot on the back pedal; left foot on the distal pedal.

Is it possible that when I fall it’s related to foot dominance?

This has been going on for years… not weeks or months… years.

That’s an interesting question. I think I tend to “lead” with my right side when falling, but I ride pretty conservatively so I don’t have a lot of data for that from recent years.

When I broke my collar bone in 2007 it was on my right side, but maybe that doesn’t count because the shoelace that wrapped up was also on the right side.

Thinking back to the early days, when I fell a lot and trained myself to do some rolling moves by reflex, I think I learned them on the right also, rolling over on my right shoulder.

What’s wrong with me?

BTW I’m right foot dominant, right handed, mount with right foot and hop with the right foot back. Call me a righty.

When I do any type of riding that means I fall a lot, I tend to have “right side days” and “left side days”. I haven’t thought about why much. You brought up an interesting point with the foot dominance though. If you are comfortable with the right foot back, I’m wondering if you would be falling more often from pedals switched. That would put your right foot in front and make you more likely to use the right foot (in a fall off of the front of the unicycle) to transfer your momentum sideways. I know when I fall I turn sideways into a roll whenever possible, and that’s based on whatever foot hits the ground first. Of course I haven’t thought much about this until now so I’m probably wildly off.

I bet if you only wore pads on the right side you’d notice a LOT more falls to the left:D

On big falls I can remember I went down to the left. I mount with the left foot back. I ride on the left so the road is cambered to the left.

Falls happen when I can’t outrun the UPD. It doesn’t happen often and it has been a long time since the last one but I think I would get the first big leap in then maybe a step before going down as the second foot lands.

There are a lot of variables and not something that one tends to think about at the time. I don’t know if choose to leap at a particular part of the cycle, or loose balance more often at a particular point.

Even on my oldest pads my left pad is practically scratch free, while the right one is beat.

I don’t fall much when riding on roads/sidewalks but every once in a while I miss a dip in the pavement or an uneven pad in the sidewalk and fall off the front of the wheel.

In the woods… I fall multiple times a mile (not very good). Which is why I tend to stick to the more predictable paved/gravel/XC surfaces.

To John’s point… I’m a righty… right foot mounts to the rear pedal, hop with right foot back, etc.

I like the thought that maybe if the dominant foot is in the non-dominant position (forward relative to the axle) that is the time when bad things are most likely to happen. Which is along the lines of what I was thinking… but am looking for validation that other riders tend to fall on the same side.

So far the results are mixed at best.