always break things by doing the simplest things...

ive been out riding all day today, done some nice 4ft drops without a problem. as soon as i do one little hop i break the seat base :angry: just my luck…

does things like this happen to you?

I do that with pedals I broke one pair from it just falling. but i bail on a big drop and it hits and nothing breaks.

I find that I often fall and hurt myself doing easy things. I’ll be able to do all sorts of hard tricks, then I’ll fall flat on the pavement simply getting onto my unicycle.

Yup, was finishing a trail ride, going back up a paved trail and heard a ping.

At the car I found that I broke a spoke :o

Same exact thing happened to me. I threw together a few braces for my seat. so far its holding up better then the original. check it out,






Finished product,




Yup, jumped down all kinds of big awkward drops, then bent my seat post when I jumped down 1 step and landed on GRASS.