Aluminium round crown trial frame?

Why isn’t there a aluminium round crown trial frame on the market?
It could be good for people who hit there knees against the flat crown trialframe and want a light round crown frame instead.
I know there is the XTP, but that thing is SOO overpriced and not even that strong.

So who want’s to make the first aluminium round crown trial frame? :stuck_out_tongue:

Peter M

i jus wanna point out that the xtp is not as weak as you say. its stronger than the kris holm frame, proven cos i seen so many convos on forums and spoken to ppl. several broken 07 kh frames snapped, and not even 1 production xtp has snapped yet. (n yeah i know that yoggis prototype from 3 years ago snapped cos its a proto! i bet kh protos broke too!). one of my friends has had an xtp frame for a bit under a year now and he is harsh as hell and no crack even. i know that joe hodges cracked 2 but from what i hear on this forum he hasnt been able to snap either and the cracks have not spread one bit and hes snapped 2 kh frames in under 6 months each whilst none of his xtps have even had their cracks spread.

so yeah, i rode my friends xtp loadsa times, and is a sweet ass uni for trials. i know kh bummers will slate it but it is stronger than u guys think.

as for round crown frame in alu, no one can be bothered cos uni is such a small sport. Steel is damn simple to weld compared to aluminium and so on, and alu can crack easy which means trouble with warranty and lodsa other things with the manufactuer and brand. people wanna avoid hassle and if u think about it only very few ppl will bother buying a round crown alu frame when u got the kh about and all the steel frames.

let me think… I KNOW I KNOW!!!
i wonder if it will work, i have never seen one in person.

but torker uses small bearings, and machined holders. so it would only work with a dx or profile wheelset.

unless you bent the bearing holders slightly
the bearing holders arent as much of a problem as the tire clearance is, does anyone know if a trials wheelset will fit in the frame?

ive thought about trying. next time im up at the bike shop ill see if i can

Or you could machine it out more… if they’re machined like the DX ones… well those ones are actually forged… but same idea, they’re not metal just bent into shape.

and how many people ride xtps? 4? seriously the KH is way more tested and without a doubt more riden. you can not say oh the XTP is a better frame. till their are close to the same number riden. unless you are just ignorant.

I only saw koxx riders with the xtp and I dont think they are allowed to say if they break something as you can see at the trouble which Joe get when Sponge wrote that he damaged the XTP.

But I dont think that there is a market for a round trials frame. Nearly all trials rider enjoy it to do a little bit street or glide down a hill.

I’d like to point out that Yoggi and other ‘head honchos’ over at Koxx overreacted at that situation. First of all, that XTP was lent to me for a long time by Joe, he was not the one who found the crack. I did. With all that being said, that particular XTP was bought from and not given out by Koxx, so they were shattering their own reputation for nothing.

I’d also like to clear up the issue shrouding the XTP. Yes, fewer people have it, and yes it is overpriced. No doubt about those 2 points. However, look at it logically:

Joe- snapped 2 KH frames in front of my eyes in under 6 months each
- put a small crack in XTP around 6 months and still going strong, (the crack hasn’t even spread, no that is not an exaggeration at all).

^I posted up pictures of the slightly cracked XTP and this whole community freaked out way more than I expected, I guess the some people were looking for an excuse to put their beloved KHs over the XTP.

Right now, I can confidently say that the XTP is stronger, especially the newer ones with the gusset welded on the seattube-crown weld. The price is still ridiculous and this is where all the hated and jealousy of some people stem from. It’s a frame… Don’t get me wrong at all: the KH is a brilliant frame and extremely good value for money, but the XTP is simply stronger. I’ve tried both out and borrowed them both for a long time and on top of that I ride regularly with someone who breaks things all the time and so far he’s having a damn hard time doing any more damage to his XTP.

As for round-crown alu frame, I don’t really know of any trials-worthy ones right now, but it wouldn’t be a bad idea because round crowns are supposed to be a stronger design than the slightly more complex square crowns.

the only way to be as close to 100% percent sure as possible, about which frame was the strongest would be to make a machine that put pressure on the frame, and increased it till one broke. their is no point in doing that since very few KH or XTP frames have been broken and the point still stand they are each a very strong frame. some of the lack of likeing in the XTP may be due more to some of the actions of part of the Koxx team. (was it FLUCK they got kicked out of and refused to leave?).
and yes while it took one really good rider 6 months each to break kh frame and only a crack in the same period of time on the xtp , points that the XTP is stonger. but trying to make a conclusion about which is stronger is ignorant of the fact of how they were treated, (scratches), amount of pressure put on them… etc.

Come over to my area, and I’ll show you Joe’s current XTP frame. It is COVERED in scratches and scrapes all over, and even a dent in one leg. When he bails on a line he lets the uni go, and he throws his uni a lot. From what I remember, his KHs were never as aesthetically ‘ruined’.

The point is that people on this forum freaked out when I first posted pics of a slightly cracked XTP… so much more than when they see 3 or 4 KH07frames snap. I’m purely pointing out that it’s not as weak as you think. If you can get one cheap if you’re sponsored by a koxx distributor in your country for example, then go for it if you really are that into trials.

Check that frame out at 0:13 seconds. Looks just like a quax frame but rounded crown. And it even says quax.

thats just a normal frame no alu

it’s a frame like on standard unicycles

So who will make the first trials-worthy round crown aluminium frame? :roll_eyes:

Peter M