Aluminium Cranks

I am after new or used Aluminium Cranks for square taper hubs. Length - 125-127mm.
I have stripped the thread out of my left crank so need replacement. C’mon what have you got lying around after you upgraded to those fancy pants KH cranks? :slight_smile:

You might try to use a die portion of a tap and die with tap wrench. I stripped the hub portion of a muni and just got a tap to correct the stripped thread. Haven’t actually done the work but should work fine. You’d need to find the diameter of the crank where it screws into the hub and also the rise of the thread, should be searchable online.

Cranks are much easier to replace than the hub, though, which is why I’m going to rethread it.

Thanks for the thought but it is the peddle thread that has stripped. Stupidly I did not check which side the cranks were on when I assembled my 20" DRS (Torker) Pro Solo. The instructions did not mention to ensure to check the handedness of the cranks when fitting the wheel to the frame.i.e. left crank on left side. No excuse I know.

I mention it in-case another noob is assembling their new uni. If the cranks are on the wrong side your pedal will want to unscrew itself, resulting in thread damage. This will likely be irreparable if your uni comes with cheaper cast alloy cranks. Machined finished cranks appear to be of better quality.
If I can’t find a pair (or just a left side 127mm crank) I will purchase a pair of Nimbus Venture cranks which appear nicely made.

Come on guys, someone local must have upgraded their cranks … :wink:

You might inquire at a local bike store if they stock your size cranks, and sell them “each.” It’s not that uncommon. Some on-line retailers do (e.g. Goudurix (They’re in Canada, so the shipping to Oz wouldn’t be worth it, but still it might be worth checking around.) Good luck!

Thanks for the tip Lance. In the absence of a reply with an offer (are you blokes hoarding your old cranks :wink: ) I just placed an order with SkaterHQ in Manly who have generously discounted the price as the are very supportive of the local uni community. :slight_smile: