Alton Brown was riding the uni again tonight.

You just missed it, again, if you haven’t seen in on the previous airings.

Looked like he was pretty close to stillstanding/horizontal idling the whole time. I wonder if he’s really that good or had a cable holding him up…

DANGIT!!! ive been wanting to see that forever!!!


Well, it’s Episode EA1H05 “Wanton Ways” for next time. :slight_smile:

DUDE!! AB rocks!! That’s one of my favorite shows everr.

Yea that was pretty sweet. Alton Brown is awesome. I am gonna get the Good Eats series on DVD.

I got his last book “I’m just here for more food” for Christmas.
It’s excellent. Definately my fav chemistry/cookbook.

(If the chemistry of cooking is interesting to you too, check out Robert Wolke. I’ve got his “what Einstein didn’t know” book, which is also excellent.

I’ll have to check those out.

I saw that, too. I know he also rides a BMW motorcycle. I was wondering if he can really ride or if it was “The Magic of Television”

Any of you know what he was sitting on? I don’t know all that much about what different unis look like. Whatever it was he was on, sure looked like new and shiny.

I have one thing to say about AB:

If any of you have turkey-roasting duties next Thanksgiving or are simply intruiged by the super cheap turkeys out there right now, you have got to try his brined turkey recipe.

my mom makes a brine turkey, it is the best turkey i have ever had! hoo is this aulden brown?

…who’s alden brown?

Alton Brown is the host of the coolest show on food network!!

He also hosts Iron Chef America.

However, the original Iron Chef is better than the American version. The chairman knows that the presentation of the show is ridiculous. Watch the intro to it, he laughs after he bites into the bell pepper. He is probably thinking “My God, this is ridiculous, I can’t believe people buy this.”