Alternatives to Roach seat covers

Well,I treated myself to a recently acquired Scott Wallis seat base and Death Gripper handle. Then, on my MUni, I tore apart my old airseat with a standard CF base with Roach cover. The plan was to move the standard CF base over to my trials unicycle and keep the Roach cover for my Muni.

Then it hits me. Can’t mount the standard Miyata cover from my trials uni onto the CF base. No clips. Bummer.

I look at and also Bedford Unicycles for a seat cover that attaches like the Roach cover. Came up empty with the exception of the leather cover.

I would rather pay less for a seat cover.

Are there any alternatives to the leather cover out there?

Dang, a year ago, I thought about getting one of the kinport seat covers when they were still available, but dropped the ball. Arrrgh

Simple fix…

Go to a fabric store and get some pop in eyelits with about 1/8th" holes.Go to a shoe store and get some long laces that will fit thhrue the eyelits. take your myaita seat cover and poke holes barly bigenough for the eyelits…pop in the eyelits…take a cig lighter and burn of the fabric strands insite the eyelit…take the shoelaces and lace them thru the eyelits…TA DA Maita removable cover!

Your Welcome.

I just put together a new seat for my trials uni last night. The old seat had the high volume Roach cover and was more bulky that it needed to be for trials. The new seat is slimmed down and better suited for trials style riding.

For the new seat I used the KH Fusion seat cover, Viscount foam, Miyata style carbon fiber base, Kinport handle, and Miyata hardware and Miyata rear bumper. The KH Fusion cover fits nicely on the Miyata style carbon fiber base. The Fusion cover has room for slightly thicker padding if I choose to change the foam.

So far so good. I like the way the Fusion cover fits the saddle. Time will tell for how well the Fusion cover holds up before it wears out or rips. If I can get ahold of the thinner KH foam I’ll give that a try. The Viscount foam works OK but I think the KH foam would feel better.



Thanks for that idea. That’s a very resourceful idea and I would never have thought of it.


Wuddya know. John adds another notch on his seatpost for unicycle modifications. I never would have thought the Fusion seat cover would fit the Miyata style CF base. When I checked out, I just immediately eliminated it. Nice to know it works.

What does the underside look like. I want to be able to do seat out hops and not get my hand stuck in a nest of lacing. Do you think I can just lace near the seat post and leave the area mostly behind the seat post open? I figure the rear bumper will keep the back end of the seat cover tight.

The underside is clean and snug. The front and rear of the KH Fusion cover has elastic that snugs everything up under the seat once the bumper and handle are on. You don’t even need the lacing. I still have the lacing under the seat but it’s all loose and doing nothing. If it gets in the way I’ll remove it.